January 17, 2021

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Hello all, and welcome to GenZConservative.com! I’m so happy you are reading this and I hope you find it worthwhile and interesting! In this “About Me” section, I thought it would be good to include a few things about myself. To do that, I will go over my personal background, my political philosophy, and what I hope to accomplish with this site. Hopefully, after reading this you will begin to understand the political views of a Gen Z conservative!

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My Personal Background:

I am a conservative college student (yes, conservative students on college campuses do exist) and I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. I now live in Virginia for college and am a double major in politics and accounting.

Luckily, I am fortunate to go to a school where I can express most of my political views openly. While there is some tension from the liberal students on campus, they are not as ridiculous as they are at many universities. I’m not a conservative college student that has been punched in the face or hit with an Antifa bike lock.

However, free speech is always an issue on campus. Liberal students try to shame us for inviting conservative speakers to campus. Campus conservative magazines are shamed by the liberal students for showing the views of conservative college students.

And, perhaps worse, administrators and professors all try to stifle conservative voices in the classroom. It is a sad state of affairs when all voices aren’t respected or listened to and instead conservative college students are attacked, verbally or otherwise. But I am fortunate to have only been attacked verbally for my political philosophy, the philosophy of a typical Gen Z conservative.

The Political Philosophy of a Gen Z Conservative:

Given that this is a new website and you don’t know me or my views yet, I thought it would be a good idea for me to share my political philosophy. That should hopefully be useful for all of y’all reading future posts of mine, and help you understand the base from which my opinions come. If you have any questions, just post them in the comments section down below.

I am a traditional conservative because I believe that balancing fiscal conservatism, respect for heritage and tradition, and respect for individual liberty is the best path forward for America. I think all three of those ideologies contain viewpoints that would be beneficial for America. However, I think complete attachment to any one of them would be a weaker position than combining the best aspects of all three.

For example, I agree with many of the tenets of libertarianism because I think it is closest to what many of the founders intended and I think laissez-faire capitalism leads to more prosperity than any other system. However, I would never describe myself as a libertarian because I think it is unrealistic from a modern governance perspective.

I think that like fiscal conservatism, libertarianism fails to consider the monetary requirements of modern programs. Those programs include national security, a world-class educational system, infrastructure, and some social security. While I agree that there are many budgetary cuts that need to be made to those programs, I think that the level of cuts many fiscal conservatives and libertarians want is unrealistic from a governance perspective.

Additionally, I would never call myself only a social conservative because while I agree with the value that ideology places on tradition, heritage, and reigning in the worst impulses of society, it doesn’t place enough emphasis on individual liberty.

The cost of liberty is that people sometimes take advantage of it and act immorally, but without it, we are no better than authoritarian governments that regulate every action their citizens undertake. I think traditional conservatism combines the best aspects of those three ideologies but limits the potential to drift to the unrealistic extremes of any of the three.

In terms of a group that I think my values align the most with, I would say that the Heritage Foundation and its published values are very close to my own. I think that it does a good job of researching and supporting its opinions to make them very sensible and realistic. Although I arrived at my conclusions independently, I have enjoyed reading Heritage Foundation reports and opinion pieces and think they have been great at teaching me how to defend my own opinions. I highly recommend y’all check them out.

What I Hope to Accomplish:

With this site I hope to do two main things. The first is to show the perspective of a Gen Z conservative college student on a wide variety of topics. Whether those topics are politics, books to read, or historical quotations that I find important, I hope to show how people like me view the world. What Gen Z political beliefs are compared to other conservative generations and our liberal peers. I believe that I can do so through this website. By constantly writing, advertising content, and finding guest writers to show other Gen Z conservative viewpoints I hope I can show the world how we Gen Z conservatives think about things.

The other goal I have is to show older generations that Gen Z conservatives do exist. That there are conservative students on college campuses. By writing a large volume of diverse content, I hope to answer the questions that older generations have about Gen Z. Questions like “what percent of Gen Z is conservative?” Or “is Gen Z more conservative than millennials?” Or “what is the percentage of conservative college students?” By the way, the answers to those questions are, respectively: more than you would think, yes, and far more than you would think.

Currently, millennials and Gen Z are often conflated. Older people don’t understand the difference and ask “what ages are Gen Z?” The answer is generally younger than 23 or 24 as of 2019. There is some wiggle room, but around that age range. However, people don’t know us so they conflate us with millennials. And millennials might be the most liberal generation ever. We are not. In fact, Gen Z is known for being conservative and Gen Z might actually be the most conservative generation yet. Forbes and Business Insider have both published articles about Gen Z conservatives.Instead of being easily triggered liberals, many Gen Z students are reasonable and understand why conservative values are the right values.


Almost no older people know that a large percentage of Gen Z is conservative. Or that there are many conservative students on college campuses. Instead, we are all viewed as liberals. I hope to use this website to spread the truth about Gen Z and Gen Z conservatives. We exist, and there are many of us. We just need to do a better job at speaking out, as I am trying to do through this website. Hopefully, by seeing the political views and opinions of of a GenZ conservative you will understand that Gen Z is a very conservative generation.

However, people that don’t read this website won’t know that, you have to help me spread the word! Subscribe now so you know when I publish new articles. Email or text your friends the link so they know that Gen Z conservatives do exist and that there are many of us. Finally, check out my Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenZConservati1 to keep up with my articles. You won’t regret it! We have to spread the word about Gen Z conservatives, help me do so!

Finally, I pay for this website out of my own pocket. I enjoy doing so, but it is expensive, especially for a college student. If you could help out by donating, any amount large or small, I would really appreciate it. Just click on the PayPal button at the top right of the page or down below to do so with PayPal or your credit/debit card. Through doing so, you can help me build the website and an ad campaign for it. Thanks so much!

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