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The Racist Roots of the Abortion Regime


In the latest news, you’re seeing the protests saying black lives matter. “We need to end racism, and stop the killing of innocent black men and women.” I actually agree 100%. No matter your race, we are all equal. There’s one industry, however, that receives little to no attention by the protesters or supporters of the BLM movement. That industry is the abortion industry. The abortion industry has targeted minority communities for decades, yet no protester acknowledges this. I feel it’s my duty to inform you that abortion is racist, unlike President Trump.

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Evidence that Abortion Is Racist

African American women make up around 14% of the childbearing population. 36% of all abortions, however, come from African Americans. Black people have the highest ratio of getting abortions. A black baby is three to five times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Where’s the outrage on this fact?

Supporting abortion is equivalent to support the genocide of African Americans because abortion is racist and focused on killing black babies. Most prochoicers don’t care; they call this a “woman’s right.” How is abortion the “best choice” when it leads to PTSD or permanent health conditions? The abortion industry continuously lies about abortion being the only choice women need because its purpose is population control, especially of African Americans, which shows that abortion is racist.

Like birth control, abortion is a form of population control. Why do you think African Americans are still a minority? As many black babies are born, black babies are killed via abortion. If 20 white babies are born, 10 African American babies are born while 10 African American babies are killed.

In New York City, from 2012 to 2016, black women aborted over 136,000 pregnancies, while 118,127 black babies were born. Look at the disproportion of babies born versus killed via abortion. Think about that. Some argue that the abortion industry targets low income neighborhoods, but a study done shows Hispanic women making low income are still less likely to abort, compared to African American women. Abortion is racist and is focused on eugenics and population control of African Americans.

I remember seeing on Hannity,a protester saying something to the effect of, “We don’t want to get rid of the police entirely. They should receive less funding. Use the money to benefit the community!” The United States spends around $100 billion dollars on law enforcement, while Planned Parenthood received $500 million (this number is decreasing under President Trump).


Now, the numbers do differ, but let’s look at this closely. The top three states to receive funding for law enforcement are New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The top three most crime-infested areas. Many of these cities’ politicians have been in office for decades, yet nothing has changed. Perhaps people should vote red! Why don’t we defund the Democrats who don’t do anything for their citizens? Republicans should take advantage of this situation, and do something already.

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Planned Parenthood doesn’t do anything to help besides get rich off of killing the unborn. Why do they need so much money, especially if “abortion is 3% of their operations?” If we should defund anything, it should start with Planned Parenthood because abortion is racist. Don Lemon seemed to be ecstatic Planned Parenthood is giving black women 50% off their abortions. It’s so sickening these people support this. I’ve said this 1000 times, and I’ll say it again: The Left, MSM, and Hollywood have a symbiotic relationship to Planned Parenthood.

margaret sanger shows that abortion is racist
This Margaret Sanger quote shows that abortion is racist

The abortion industry was built on eugenics and racism. The founder of the AMAZING Planned Parenthood (sarcasm y’all), Margaret Sanger, was a proud racist and eugenicist. She’s spoken at a KKK meeting before!

Prochoicers and BLM radicals ignore how the roots of the abortion industry show that abortion is racist. Two quotes come to mind, one I discussed in my “Abortion and eugenics” post. The first quote is the image provided above regarding the disabled, and the second quote is this: “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Planned Parenthood also accepts donations specifically to the abortion of African American babies. LifeAction had investigators go undercover, claiming to want to donate to an African American’s abortion.

These Planned Parenthood workers showed no issue with accepting this money. It’s sickening that people are okay with this, and it’s equally sickening to see others think this isn’t an issue. “Women have the choice to do so.” A baby, despite how it was created, is human. You can’t change the baby’s DNA.



The abortion industry does not help women, especially not African American women. It is a deeply racist industry that gets rich off of lying motherhood will ruin them to African American women (and all women essentially). BLM and every protester say, “police brutality kills more African Americans every year,” yet never focuses on the numbers I’ve included throughout this post because they care about politics, not racism. Otherwise, they’d be up in arms about the fact that abortion is racist.

I’m prolife 100%. The only exception is if the mother’s life is in danger. You may not be as extreme as me, but I hope this post wakes you up to the fact that the abortion industry doesn’t help women, and isn’t for African Americans. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are only about money.

abortion is racist
Abortion is racist, as shown by the actions of Planned Parenthood

Instead of defunding the police, why don’t we discuss defunding Planned Parenthood? Or even discuss how we can help these women facing challenging times? Abortion shouldn’t be the only viable option. I hope this taught you something new. The abortion industry shouldn’t be trusted. President Trump recognizes that abortion is racist and is doing what he can to help all Americans, but especially black Americans, by working to defund the horrible Planned Parenthood organization.

By: Young Patriot Rising

I am also a Gen Z conservative, and I write my own conservative blog, which you can subscribe to. Thanks for reading!


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