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Abbott Must Do More: The Border and Mandate Crisis Continues

By: Donovan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

This county is feeling the effects of the Texas border crisis.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe says that Gov. Greg Abbott is not sending troops to his border county but is sending more National Guard to Val Verde and Maverick Counties instead. Coe asked Abbott in early October to send 2,000 state personnel as well as state military air assets to “repel an invasion and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Texas.”

Illegal immigrants are breaking into citizens’ homes, causing major damage to property. According to Coe “[Illegal immigrants] couldn’t get into the doors or the windows, so they went up on the roof, ripped the shingles off, busted through the upper decking, and got into the attic, punched holes through the ceiling, [then] went into the house.”

Are these the kind of people we want entering our country? It doesn’t seem that our current governor isn’t doing enough, so Sheriff Coe is looking to deputize 10 local citizens with some sort of police or military experience.

Greg Abbott held a press conference with 9 other GOP governors and, rather than discussing how he would end the threat, he was calling on Biden to do his job. We all know Joe Biden is not going to get this under control because he doesn’t want to. He wants the border to remain open. Otherwise, he would have continued the Trump policies.

Abbott said he would shut down the border then backed off. Challenger to Abbott, Don Huffines said he would send 20,000 troops to the border and punish Mexico by shutting down any exports going their way until they help put and end to this nonsense.

Or maybe we need a leader like Allen West. Take a look at what he would do to stop the Texas border crisis:

Calls for a 4th Special Session on vaccine mandates

The third special session in Austin ended with no ruling on employer vaccine mandates.

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Gov. Abbott signed an Executive Order prohibiting businesses from requiring vaccination. T

hat didn’t stop employers from ignoring the EO. Southwest Airlines, Raytheon, and United Pacific Railroad are ignoring the Executive Order because it does so LITTLE to punish them. Companies will only receive a $1,000 fine for a violation. What is $1,000 to a multi-billion dollar corporation?

Down in Florida, Ron DeSantis slapped a $3.5 million fine on Leon County for firing 14 employees who refused to comply with getting a vaccine. Now, I understand that is for the public sector but that still sends a strong message.

The Texas Freedom Coalition, composed of citizens and members of the Texas Legislature, gathered at the Capitol in Austin to urge Abbott to call for a fourth session and address vaccine mandates.

It seems that Abbott was a little late with his Executive order, although Southwest has changed its tune on the mandates, this is primarily because of the uproar from employees and We the People, not a $1,000 fine.

Maybe banning employer mandates would have been a good idea right after Biden announced his plan, instead of waiting until after Southwest announced theirs. I praised Abbott for making this move because it’s better late than never but to see movement, we must see a 4th session and he should increase those fines.

If you live in Texas, contact Abbott’s office and demand that lawmakers meet to ban employer vaccine mandates.