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A View from the Culture War Trenches

Let’s start out with the realization that they hate us every bit as much as we hate them; the left hates us and we hate them.

They hate our refusal to march in lockstep down the well-trodden path to an authoritarian future where gangs of Black Block Antifa (we’re anti-fascists… it’s in our name) or BLM, demand ‘kneel before us and say his name’ (and whose name is that? A career thug and drug addict who by dint of fate was roughed up a little too hard while he was overdosing?) at the point of a gun, held sideways, of course.

Now we see playing out in sports, where men can compete against women just by saying they are of the female persuasion (whether this works the other way is a non-issue because women cannot successfully compete against men no matter how much they want to).

We’re creating a future where people aren’t allowed to act (or not act) in dedication to their faith or express an opinion, no matter how deeply it is believed, if the ruling party deems it impolitic, impolite, or offensive (a value that is subjective and quite fluid depending on who is expressing the feeling).

Oh, and you must be seen agreeing with whatever dogma is taught in government schools and demanded in corporatist boardrooms or that 2+2=5 as Winston eventually pleaded in Orwell’s 1984.  

We hate them because they want us to do as they command.

They are the Elites, the ‘well educated’, The Woke.

The Left thinks that by proclaiming that the Sun monster will devour the Earth by warming it 0.5 degrees in 100 years and demanding that every system and everyone’s life has to be changed to fit their master plan, they can be the saviors of the Earth. They think that we should kneel and genuflect on their altar of GAIA so that we can fulfill the fever dream of someone who grew up reading Isaac Asimov or Heinlein and thinking that they are able to save humanity by creating impractical power solutions like on the cover of Analog or Amazing science fiction mags.

They believe that that technology is the only solution to everything and throwing the baby out with the bath water is the best way to create the world of their dreams.

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There are valid arguments on both sides of the climate issue but because they control everything you see in the news, in the movies, and on the TV, read in almost every one of the major newspapers and the popular magazines, and see in all of the opinions coming out of the academies, academia, and teachers conferences, the promoted argument is that we have to panic and rush to change everything to assuage the hair-on-fire belief that the world will end from ‘The Population Bomb’, ‘Global Cooling’, Global Warming, Climate change, in 10 or 20 years, a timeframe that keeps changing as we get near to and the pass our event horizon with no overwhelming catastrophe except Al Gore gains another 100 pounds and buys another oceanfront mansion. 

The Globalists, truly a club too large to list, although, I am sure several will be introduced somewhere in this collection of thoughts, have had us on a hair-trigger and at each other’s throats for the entirety of my lengthening time on Earth.

It ebbs and flows, but you can be sure the next ‘super crisis’ is just around the corner waiting to leap out at us from its hiding place behind some run-of-the-mill crisis. Another Global War, there is a school of thought that the Great War, The War to end all Wars, otherwise known as the 1st World War was an inside job and that the alliances and intrigue had been carefully placed so that Arch Duke Ferdinand, in getting himself killed by a dissatisfied face in the crowd, Gavrilo Princip, was the catalyst for the deaths of 2 million people and the destruction of European civilization. It doesn’t matter except that the ending of man’s culmination in government art, finance, and everything else that goes in the mix to define civilization was rent asunder in 4 years and 2 million dead. 

Another Global Pandemic, a real nonevent from most perspectives (the normal flu kills that many people every year and why are normal flu statistics so hard to find, and why were the Covid statistics so heavily manipulated?) except the news media keep us tenterhooks with videos of locked down stars and starlets who, by the way, could easily afford the inconvenience of being confined to mansions with delivery service and secret nights out. Governor Gavins’ night out at The French Laundry with 22 close friends, while his constituents were treated to nights alone and a constant crawl on the TV to update us on the virus count in order to keep us terrified.  

Another ‘flare up’ in the Middle East, one belligerent country invading its neighbor or a natural disaster, hurricane, flood or heat wave or snowstorm that will immediately be blamed on ~wait for it~ RACISM… Just Kidding, our old friends, Population Bomb, Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change. And then out will come racism to sew some hate and discontent so the ever-present authoritarian behind the curtain can slither in to take a handful or two of our individual liberty. Ever notice how what seems like prudent crises management measures, like TSA, never go away?

We will be harassed in airports until hell freezes over with absolutely no proof of it ever having stopped a single hijacking. The Authoritarians will point and say ‘Look how well it is working’ but you and I still have to remove our shoes and throw out new toiletries if they don’t meet the current standard. 

All this to say that we are being manipulated by barely concealed forces that, for lack of a better euphemism, want us dancing to their tune. It is no secret that the Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwabs’ of the world have plans for us that they tout on you tube and present at conferences, plenty of bloviating about miracles the will perform in the future but I believe the reality of what they have planned is a little less starlit for those who don’t share their ideology 

Gates has expressed concern about unsustainable global population growth. 

On the World Economic Forum website, Schwab stated that the COVID-19 pandemic “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world 

 where we will be fed the products to replace farting cows and disease carrying fowl and some substitute for pork to be named later all with the secret ingredient creating better living through chemistry. The drop-dead date for Agenda 21 is fast approaching. Agenda 21/2030 Agenda 2030: TranslatedA BREAKDOWN OF ALL 17 POINTS OF AGENDA 2030 AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR HUMANITY.  brags about a 95% population reduction, no single family homes ‘Green Cities’ where you can (read that as only allowed to walk or bicycle), small footprint living where you own nothing everything being provided by the state, real life of Julia stuff Obama’s ‘Julia’ Cradle-to-Grave, until you die and your remains become part of the ecosystem one way or another. 

All this is clearly stated (insert) and when you look around you see bike paths beside and in the middle of busy streets and multi-family units being forced into formerly single-family neighborhoods Agenda 21 – United Nations Sustainable Development  you start to get a feel for the process.

Taken in isolation these things seem innocuous, and they are designed to be, like if you turn up the heat on a pot of water with a frog in it, by the time the frog gets uncomfortable it is too late. I personally thought that the WuFlu pandemic was going to be the catalyst for the 95% reduction but then when I started seeing the reporting, as bad as the deaths were, especially the reports of the Chinese locking people in their apartments, I don’t think the CCP is big on property rights, and Italians with reportedly high death counts but not bubonic plague numbers. 

You can see this playing out in everyday life. Our President is allowing if not openly promoting an invasion on the southern border that encourages migration of every demographic of third world society with open disdain for the Americans who will have to deal with the consequences of open borders.

We have built over generations with the intention of passing freedom on to the next generation of Americans and, thanks to mass migration, that culture of liberty is slipping away.

At the same time, he is publicly denying entry and political asylum to th very oppressed people of Cuba because they are likely to not vote the correct way, his handlers in the CCP told him to, or both. 

I have written previously about the surveillance state we live under with ‘security’ and traffic cameras in every parking lot, store, traffic light just to mention a few, and about the Postal Service and how it is too bloated and entrenched with federal level bureaucrats to survive a move to profitability if they had residential delivery competition from Fed Ex, UPS and now Amazon but there is a new wrinkle to that story.

It seems the USPS, one of the pillars of our free society has been spying on us through our social media posts USPS admits it is spying on Americans by monitoring their social media ( and who know how else, are they peeking in you windows, putting bugs at your front door? How deep does this invasion of privacy by agents of the government go? Will they come breaking into your home if you get mailings from Edward Snowden? We have really reached an Authoritarian Moment.

We as the consuming public are bombarded every day with so much stimuli that we are unable to process quickly enough to properly research categorize and collate, does this toothpaste or that get your teeth cleaner and breath fresher? Are there any differences between them or just K-street spin designed to separate us from our dollars? Are the large conglomerates that long ago enveloped our favorite brands and our good feelings about them now engaged in practices that are designed to poison and/or enslave us? Is Fluoride bad for us, is Bill Gates buying massive tracts of farmland in anticipation of world domination by entities that don’t like cows? Is there any sense fighting the evil… yes there is… I want to get bumper stickers made ~ Resist Tyranny ~ no punch line, just that.

We have to resist or end up in a society in which we all are potentially the next Uighurs, locked into FEMA camps because our neighborhood is infected with the XYZ variant and by the time we get out our single-family neighborhood is turned into 4 story high-rise apartment buildings for illegal aliens. 

 But I digress.

The fact is that there are reams of and easy to find information for and against any subject you can imagine but who controls that information and what is their agenda and what are we not allowed to know?

I thought for a while that Wikipedia was a good idea and a good place to get information. It turns out that they have been corrupted by their own (or someone else’s) biases and aren’t afraid to display them.

What is the truth about the Delta variant, the Epsilon variant, the Gamma variant? Is the cure worse than the problem, do the vaccines make it necessary to be updated every couple of years, every couple of months? I have heard compelling evidence that the mRNA vaccines stay active and travel to places in the body they were not meant to go, liver, pancreas et al and to things that they are not meant to do.

Personally, I would rather take my chances with a virus that kills less than 1% of the people who are infected, so then why are they so insistent that everyone get jabbed? The Biden Administration has been on both sides of several issues, sometimes both in the same day, they are allegedly starting vaccine passports in Europe and they are talking about not being able to shop in CA without papers proving you have taken the shot. Is it all a lead-up to having to be inoculated with the jab to be able to go out and participate in society? Whether or not this is all a lie and we are all milling about smartly until the Agenda 21 crowd have the 90% population killing virus perfected with all the necessary infrastructure for the elite to survive and their drones to clean up the mess apparently the technology is there or at least very close if the men in the shadows are of a mind to do it. 

I will leave with a quote from Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing”.  

The people who will be harmed most from evil winning are unaware of this quote and many like it because they are products of a school system that actively promotes communist doctrines and decries individual liberty.  

We have to fight against that first. 

By: David Gignac