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A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

My Take:

Britain’s Army seems like it is worried about “A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. Just like Hillary Clinton was. Try reading some of the “indicators and warnings”. They’re ridiculous. According to this chart, identifying as a patriot is enough to be considered a potential far right extremist. If that is the case, Britain will never field an excellent army again. How could any country field an army if it won’t allow patriots to enlist?

However, Britain isn’t the exception. Instead, it is the rule. Ridiculousness like that is the reason that the Western world is falling apart. Citizens and soldiers alike need to be able to speak their minds without being labeled as “far right extremists.” Most of the supposed indicators in this chart aren’t indicators for a vast right wing conspiracy like the one that our liberal friends in Britain seem convinced exists. Instead, they are indicators for those that recognize the problems in current society and aren’t afraid to call out those problems.

I think that any military should be excited to enlist brave men and women like that. They are people that can see problems and present solutions. Filling a military with yes men and people unwilling to say that they are patriots is a recipe for disaster, not success. Those people most likely won’t fight well and sacrifice their lives for their country.

The Western world has been deluding itself for years now. The great men that fill the military, work in industrial and farming jobs, and do all sorts of other great things for this nation have been labeled “far right extremists” or “deplorables” by the left and people like Hillary Clinton. That needs to be reversed. We need to remember the type of people that built this nation and the Western world in general. Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and Otto von Bismark would all be considered far right extremists if this chart was applied to them. Just think about what that signifies. It signifies that the Western world has lost its mind while worried about a vast right wing conspiracy that doesn’t exist.

By: Gen Z Conservative