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A Timely Quote by Matt Walsh on Leftism: It Is A Religion of Self-Loathing

The Quote by Matt Walsh on Leftism

“Leftism is a religion of self-loathing. it teaches white people to hate their race, boys to hate their sex, women to hate their femininity, Americans to hate their country, westerners to hate their history. What contemptible, toxic thing it is.” -Matt Walsh on Leftism

My Take on Why Leftism is the Ideology of Hate

The ideological forces behind leftism often pretend that they’re something that they’re really not. Socialism, for example, is really the ideology of greed, but pretends as if it is an ideology of compassion. That’s absurd, of course, but it’s what socialists like to believe. It makes them feel better about their evil ideology.

Similarly, as you can see from this quote by Matt Walsh on leftism, leftism is really the ideology of hate. As to be expected, however, it likes to pretend that it’s something else. When it says that it is pro-immigrant, pro-compassion, or pro-human dignity (whatever that means), it really means it is anti-Western culture, anti-hard work, and anti-class distinction.

While all of the things it says it is for are more or less positives if taken at face value, in reality it’s not really for any of those things, it’s just against their opposites. The left’s hate for those aspects of the West, and indeed the West itself, is the point of this tweet from Matt Walsh on leftism and is what I hope to shed light on in this post.

The first thing that the left obviously hates is “whiteness.” As said in this quote by Matt Walsh on leftism, it somehow makes white liberals loathe themselves and feel guilty of, or even hate, their own skin color. Just look at the thousands of white leftists bowing down before looters and at least partially insane rioters from the BLM and Antifa if you don’t believe me; the multitude of videos showing that semi-religious phenomenon are proof of just how effective the left has been at making white leftists hate themselves.

So that’s one example of how, as shown by this quotation by Matt Walsh on leftism, the left is really a religion of self-loathing and hate.

The next example is how leftism twists gender in some sort of perverted, always on the wrong side of things evil. Leftist talking points about rape, gender, toxic masculinity, the made-up wage gap, and other issues make men feel like if they act out any impulse then they’re evil aggressors and women always feel like victims. Of course, that quickly translates into hate for one’s own self, as mentioned in the above quote by Matt Walsh on leftism. That further shows that leftism is an ideology of hate and self-imposed victimhood.

The gender issues on its talking points are framed as wanting to expose wrongdoing and bring justice to victims of sexual misconduct or biased policies. But, as conservatives know, that’s not really the case. Instead, Democrats just use gender and their interpretation of it as a bludgeon with which they can slander and destroy the careers of Republicans like Brett Kavanaugh and Bill O’Reilly, and then conveniently forget or add nuance to once one of their own, like creepy Joe Biden, is accused. The left isn’t pro-woman, it’s anti-Republican man.

Finally, and most importantly, the tweet by Matt Walsh on leftism is crucial to your understanding of the left because of his point that it teaches “Americans to hate their country, westerners to hate their history.”

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We all know that the left hates Western civilization. A few bad apples in the past, especially during the colonial period that solidified the advantage the west had over the rest, are held up as supposed exemplars of the West’s pre-ordained and indisputable evil. That’s absurd.

The West and what it created has been an indisputable good. Sure, a few evil actors did terrible things to the natives they encountered. But is that really all we care about?

What about capitalism, which has lifted millions out of poverty and created and era of immense and previously unimaginable prosperity? What about the force for justice and freedom the US has been in the world, from World War II to Vietnam and Korea to Iraq and Afghanistan? And what about the democratic system, premised on natural rights, that we have created at home and exported to the rest of the world? Are those creations of Western civilization not far better and more important than the sadistic measures of a few colonists?

Is all that matters the actions of a few bad colonists?

To the left, the ideology of hate, no. They want to prevent us from learning our history and erase what we’ve already learned. That’s because, as described by the quote by Matt Walsh on leftism, they aren’t in support of anything. They just hate what currently exists.

We conservatives need to wake up to the threat posed by leftism and start fighting back against it before they, like Big Brother in 1984 or the socialists in The Gunpowder Coast, use their twisted ideology of hate and self-loathing to destroy everything good about the world.

As Ronald Reagan said in his quote on America being the last stand of freedom on Earth and Dinesh D’Souza said in America: Imagine a World Without Her, this is the last free place the leftists haven’t conquered and it has been a huge positive for both the world and its citizens ever since the Founding.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook