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A Tale of Two States and Their COVID Responses


Hey everyone! Young Patriot Rising here! Thanks for letting me write about this tale of two states meme on your blog, GenZ! I strongly care about politics, and fighting the Left’s mission to shut down differing opinions. I’m also a fellow GenZ conservative who writes a political blog for young conservatives. Be sure to check it out and subscribe! Check out my latest book review!

Young Patriot’s Take on a Tale of Two States: New York, Florida, and Coronavirus

During the coverage of Coronavirus, you saw two governors spoken about heavily: Ron Desantis of Florida and Andrew Cuomo of New York. Now, we all know how mainstream media lies. But Ben Shapiro tweeted something that I couldn’t agree more with. He said, “If you doubt the power of the press, recognize that Gov. Ron DeSantis handled COVID-19 in Florida in excellent fashion, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo handled it nearly as badly as humanly possible, yet DeSantis has dropped in polls and Cuomo is at the height of popularity.”

Now, my response to this was “Either mainstream media is lying to us, or people are really that stupid. I’m willing to bet both.” As a Floridian, and as someone who used to live in New York, I think I can speak on this issue that the media is covering up for Cuomo’s mistakes and bashing Desantis because, as usual, they have to bash anyone aligned with Trump. I’ll discuss these two governors, and who deserves the praise.

Let’s compare and contrast Cuomo’s actions with Desantis’. As we know, New York got the brunt of Covid-19 because of their large population and closeness in city life. However, experts told Cuomo because of his lack to prepare for a pandemic, as in having medical supplies (i.e. ventilators), New York would be hit severely.

What happened? March 1st, NY had its first case. Cuomo, along with De Blasio, both said there was nothing to worry about with Covid-19. NYC didn’t close until it had over 300 cases, and didn’t issue a stay-at-home order until the end of March, which, by then, 100+ people had died. Killer Cuomo ordered hospitals to release elderly patients back to their nursing homes, where they’d end up infecting the entire nursing home. Why? They didn’t have the room in hospitals. Trump had to have a hospital built in NY, so they could accommodate more patients.

FINALLY, Cuomo must have realized the severity of that decision and had spoken about not having elderly patients infected not be placed back into the nursing home, although he still doesn’t take the blame for the deaths. Dead bodies were piling up, to the point morgues couldn’t take them. One woman, in a saddening video, blamed De Blasio for his handling of the bodies. THIS is how the leadership in NY was, yet MSM praises them and that was just the opening salvo of the tale of two states.

Now, on the other side of the tale of two states, let’s look at Desantis. My first-time voting, I voted for Desantis, and I’m glad I did because he did a wonderful job handling the pandemic. Everyone blamed Desantis for not shutting down the beaches. Do they not realize the spring-breakers who came here were from states like New York and New Jersey???

Experts said Florida would be as bad as Italy. Why? Because we’ve got the largest population of elderly people in the country. Desantis worked his behind off to care for them. He said that was top priority for him. He said if someone elderly was sick with Coronavirus, he told hospitals to keep those people, so they wouldn’t infect the others.

When he closed Florida, which was at the end of April, Florida only suffered 80 deaths. Thanks to Ron Desantis’ leadership, that didn’t happen. New York, because of the lazy and incompetent leadership, had 20,000+ deaths. Florida had 1600 deaths. Floridians don’t understand how much better we are, compared to other states. States with smaller populations are more infected! Why didn’t MSM praise the leadership of Desantis, like they did De Blasio and Cuomo? I think that answer is obvious; the left is too hate-filled to say anything good about Trump, which is one of the other sides of this tale of two states.

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Desantis was favored by Trump, even during the midterm elections. That’s an automatic X for anyone in MSM. To cover up how much Cuomo, and even De Blasio, screwed up, they kept praising them. Desantis just did an “okay job.” That’s why their approval rates differ. One of the only ones in the media giving Desantis the praise he deserves was on Hannity, Carlson, and Ingraham. I’ve left a video from Desantis’ Twitter below.

If you look at the facts, which CNN, ABC, MSNBC, never do, you’d see that Desantis’ example was the one to follow. Not Cuomo. Look at Florida now. They’re reopening, so people can go back to work and enjoy life once again. Whether or not you like Desantis, you cannot deny his leadership saved Florida from what could have been a deadly situation. When his reelection comes around, I will surely be campaigning for him. Mainstream media will continue to lie about what Cuomo did, because they’d rather protect their own than stand by the truth. Why else do they cover for Biden?

Desantis closed Florida down at the right time. Even with his shutdown, we weren’t as restricted. The shutdown was targeted to help the senior citizens, and protect them. Ron Desantis rose to the occasion with leading during the pandemic. Andrew Cuomo did not. I can’t believe people don’t understand this simple fact about the tale of two states and their Covid responses.

Floridians are still being precautious. I went to the beach last Friday. Everyone was still social distancing. No one is being careless in Florida. And I always say that unless you’re in Florida, don’t talk about how things are here. Don’t believe what mainstream media tells you about Ron Desantis because they’re wrong. Not to mention hypocritical, but you probably already knew that. I’d rather Desantis instead of the fascist dictators running their states or cities.

By: Young Patriot Rising

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  1. Leftists will push the notion that conservatives are bad people who don’t know what they’re doing. They are doing that for The Resistance – moronic, horrible people who hate President Trump. So I’ve learned a long time ago to ignore leftists and what they say. I know DeSantis, as well as other Republican governors, such as Kemp, have done a great job.

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