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A New Level of Political Hell

“On any given day, the average American going about his daily business is monitored, surveilled, spied on, and tracked in more than 20 different ways by both government and corporate eyes and ears.” ~ John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, Digital Authoritarianism: AI Surveillance Signals the Death of Privacy

The insanity that comes from the elected and appointed federal and state officials today that supposedly passes for “law” and policy, along with newly proposed laws, is purely incredible, and it’s hard to fathom that anyone could actually believe that people can and should submit to such vile and evil things. It’s as if the powers that be grew tired of actually defending freedom and liberty as the madding, ill-educated, and ignorant masses clamored for an immoral, anything-goes society, and in their own quest and desire for more power and wealth, they decided that a centralized, massive authoritarian system was the route to go.

For all practical intents and purposes, the America that I knew as a child no longer exists, and whatever vestiges of Her remaining grace and beauty are now under a full-blown communist assault from all segments of society and government, by people who are hellbent on completely changing the system, as they place the seemingly innocent name of “fundamental transformation” on it and push America into a debauched and degenerate state of ignorance and evil.

The American people had better do a whole hell of a lot more from this day forward to decrease the size of government and actually preserve freedom and liberty or they will soon be entering a new level of political hell heretofore unseen in the nation.

Even the Republican Party, once seen as the champion for the principles of freedom and liberty, now turns its back on the Christian and Western Principles that America was founded upon, as we watched a sickening display of immoral and mass lunatic ignorance, when 47 House Republicans joined the Democrats to pass the “Respect for Marriage” Act on July 19th 2022, in a 267-157 vote. This act turns the word “marriage” on its head and actually shows a great deal of disrespect to what traditional marriage has been throughout the ages worldwide, as they “voted to redefine marriage and prevent states from recognizing the natural family in the event the Supreme Court reverses itself”, and they cast their votes to make deviant, perverted homosexual “marriages” legally valid.

Killing Christian principles and the concept of the natural family comprised of a man and woman and their children makes it all the more easier to finally and totally eradicate the entire U.S. Constitution.

However, some parts of today’s Constitution and certain acts of Congress absolutely deserve and need to be eradicated, since they were created and implemented by those advocates for Marx and socialism at the turn of the century, like the 16th Amendment that brought us the infamous income tax and the Federal Reserve Act that brought us an entity designed to rob Americans of their wealth under the guise of stabilizing the U.S. economy.

Much in the way of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act that was designed to place our currency under the control of a few private banks and the fascist power structure that backed them, America is witnessing the emergence of an even more sinister plot vying for total control of our currency and our people through a newly proposed digital currency that has been hovering on our political horizon for some few years.

On March 9th 2022, Joe Biden signed an executive order that commanded the Office of Financial Research (OFR), an agency within the U.S. Treasury Department, to look at the feasibility of going to a completely cashless society and a new “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency”. In essence, he just commanded the Federal Government to set the wheels in motion to codify the sixth plank of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which, as seen on page 49 section 18, demands the “centralization of money and credit in the hands of the state, through a national bank with state capital, and the suppression of all private banks and bankers.”

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And on July 12th 2022, the OFR came through for the commies, as it released a white paper that advocated for the Central Bank Digital Currency, once more in the name of economic stability, stopping bank runs through the constant monitoring of the CBDC, and ensuring the strength and safety of the U.S. currency for business purposes in the digital financial system. They fail to note that it would still be a fiat currency and subject to the same flaws and weaknesses of any fiat currency, which should lead one to understand this isn’t really the true purpose for seeking to implement this new age currency as our standard.

Coincidentally — probably not — the World Economic Forum has outlined plans to coerce populations to do the bidding of their governments by having central banks and the state penalize people or halt transactions that may be deemed illicit or supporting opposition movements to the existing government policies, much like we saw in Canada where Prime Minister Trudeau blocked protesters from accessing their accounts as they stood against his tyrannical Covid vaccine mandates; Lil’ Fidel even went after the accounts of those people who sent the protesters financial support.

Every transaction, no matter how big or small, will be visible to the federal government and subject to its scrutiny. Depending on the nature of the new masters, in this case Red Joe and his radical Chekist apparatchiks, government regulations will block one’s access without any due process under anything remotely resembling constitutional law, if they deem it necessary. And watch out for the hell that will follow one who runs afoul of some fat-ass federal bureaucrat or activist judge, as one’s access to their bank and credit cards simply shuts down without any real reason other than a few words of opposition to whichever new insane policy is wreaking havoc in society on that day.

Given what we have already witnessed, it’s safe to rightfully assume that a CBDC will be used to prevent conservatives, Christians and independents from buying firearms or plane tickets, if one is seen to be a “political extremist” by whoever holds the reins of power on any given day. It will most certainly be used in circumstances surrounding any refusal to comply with any new mandate in any new emerging issue, and if it had been in place in 2021, Biden wouldn’t have hesitated to abuse American citizens with its underlying tyrannical mechanisms for refusing to accept the Covid “vaccination” and mask mandates.

In May of this year, Lael Brainard, Federal Reserve Vice Chair, spoke with members of the Congressional Committee on Financial Services regarding whether or not the issuance of the new digital currency would require congressional legislation, and during the course of the conversation, she revealed the Federal Reserve would “ideally” want the support of some congressional authorizing legislation, which made it sound as though the Reserve Bank would proceed as it saw fit, with or without approval, exhibiting one more reason the Federal Reserve Bank must be abolished and eradicated.

Representatives John Rose (R-TN) and Warren Davidson (R-OH) raised the question of the line between government control and individual rights to privacy, as they noted a CBDC would make it easier for the Federal government to intimidate and coerce its opponents by freezing their assets and blocking them from accessing the financial system, although Brainard suggested banks would intermediate the CBDC as she also noted the profound issues discussed regarding the tension between anonymity and the anti-money laundering mechanisms.

Rep. Davidson stated:

“If you turn a central bank digital currency into this creepy surveillance tool and don’t preserve the permissionless characteristics of it, it literally is what China is developing. And we shouldn’t imitate them. We should protect America’s way of life.”

But imitate China is just what too many have been doing within our government, [noted in my April 8th 2019 article, Censorship Imperils Liberty] and we may soon find ourselves facing the exact same predicament as Zhong Pei faced in 2015, when she was refused a train ticket and turned away from her university classes simply because she was the daughter of a man who was responsible for the deaths of two people in an automobile accident. This was all it took for the Chinese government to blacklist this sixteen year old girl as “dishonest”.

Isn’t this virtually the same thing America experienced during the Covid lockdowns as citizens were subjected to arbitrary acts of tyranny at the urging of the federal government and its corporate lackeys? Didn’t we witness the ubiquitous social media networks, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, track us and monitor keystroke, as they censored Conservative America beyond any sense of reason or logic and along a Democratic Party Marxist/Maoist Cancel Culture platform they had adopted as their own? Just think what the strong, good and decent Americans who stood in the gap between freedom and tyranny would have faced if a digital currency had been the rule of the day.

Somehow, they really believe that we won’t care if we are constantly spied on and every little thing we and our family members do is tracked, monitored and filed for future reference and possible government action. They think we’ll readily submit to a China-style social credit score that will determine our ability to buy and sell and basically interact on all social levels. They even think we will eventually willingly abandon chip IDs in bank cards for chips implanted in our bodies. And incredibly, they even seem to believe freedom-loving Americans will give up their dreams of a beautiful country home and a family with several children for life spent in a cramped government housing condominium, one where we own nothing as they tell us how happy we are, as casualties of their war on “climate change”, when the average person produces nearly five tons of carbon per year and Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, produces over 300 metric tons per year.

The Democratic Party has always been a party for authoritarian socialist controls via unconstitutional “law” and illegal tyrannical administrative directives and bureaucratic rules and regulations. And now, under Red Joe and his regime of anti-American, anti-God, anti-Liberty Marxist / Maoist fascists and communists, this New American Communist Party currently disregards laws and the Constitution, and even Supreme Court rulings against them, as they systemically engage in numerous extralegal and extraconstitutional and unconstitutional endeavors to eliminate horizontal and vertical checks on their own power, for the purpose of perpetuating their rule. One case example was seen just recently when Biden commanded the Department of Justice and the Department of Health to do all they could to facilitate abortions across the land in the face of the Supreme Court ruling returning the issue to the states, as he also called on Congress to codify Roe in U.S. law.

As if all of this isn’t enough, now Americans are seeing a return of mask mandates from Los Angeles and the San Diego Unified School District to Athens, Georgia and Lincoln, Nebraska [where we rode cows as kids] and on to Boston, Pittsburgh and Northampton. But no amount of perfect scientific evidence and data will dissuade these committed ideologically driven pro-mask radicals to permanently abandon their lunatic notions.

All of this comes from a government that has grown much too large and is well overdue to be razed to its bare minimum as outlined in the Enumerated Powers. It is the product of too many men and women being paid large sums to sit in cushy chairs and continuously come up with more superfluous laws — laws that do little these days to protect and defend the Inalienable God-given Rights of all Americans and everything to grow their own power and enrich themselves, just as Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done for most of her career, as she and her husband currently stand to make a bundle off their insider trading scheme and over a million dollar investment in the computer semiconductor chip industry ahead of key legislation.

Shouldn’t we be cutting laws from the U.S. code and paring down the overburdensome content that serves no real purpose other than to provide jobs for litigious lawyers?

Our legal system has strayed so far from the path of freedom and liberty as it now fights for the criminals over the victims, and too many throughout the halls of federal institutions do not recognize individual fundamental rights. The system fails to prevent fraud and violence against America’s good and decent people by bad individuals and groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter and from the very Office of the President, where the Biden regime Marxists now have politicized and weaponized every federal institution from the Department of Justice to the IRS and the FBI and CIA and our rights are regularly violated and trampled upon through the unreasonable demands of tyrants at the state and federal level, and private individuals are prevented from following their voluntary chosen ends apart from Red Joe’s collective.

If the 2022 and 2024 elections can actually be held in a manner to ensure the people that they were in fact free and fair — that only LEGAL VOTES were cast — conservative and independent Americans, freedom-loving Americans, must stop endorsing Republicans-in-Name-Only simply because they are “electable”, and neither should we place candidates in the running who aren’t true conservatives and willing to actually stand strong and firm in the war to preserve freedom and liberty for America’s Children and Their Children’s Children. America needs Her hard men and women, who are cut and dried constitutional conservatives in the vein of the Original Intent of Our Founders, as we charge through the wishy-washy, weak-kneed and spineless who too often side with America’s enemies and as we fight without compromise and without mercy.

Fight back against this Marxist/Maoist ideology and its collectivism, that is far from any new order for our world, and the evil dark yesterday that Biden and his Chekist regime would impose on all of our tomorrows, for it is only the individual self and individual Liberty that has ever wrought the best, most benevolent and brightest initiatives and innovations forth over the entire history of mankind.

Everything Joe Biden and his regime have done since taking the reins of power has been destructive to the American culture and way of life and traditional America, whether we speak of his immigration policy or his New Green Deal lunacy that has destroyed our energy infrastructure, and yet they just keep coming with fresh assaults, ever more intent on destroying the founding of America and our republic. And when he finally breaks the last straw for the Free Born Americans, one can only hope to see death and hell riding hard to claim him and his ilk, as the fires of rebellion burn hot, fiery and bright across the land and America and freedom and liberty are restored once and for all.

by Justin O Smith