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“A Lot of Potential Charges”: Former FBI Agent Has Bad News for Hillary and Her Spies

Back before the FBI was the politicized law enforcement agency that it is today, the rainbow flag Gestapo of the Democrats and other defenders of the woke regime, it was a serious law enforcement agency. It tracked down pedos, discovered massive financial crimes, and took on the organized crime lords holding swathes of America’s great cities hostages.

As a result, FBI agents from before the awokening have a pretty good grasp on what corruption looks like.

So, does what Durham alleges Clinton and her minions were up to qualify as corruption, or at least flagrant violations of the law, to one of those agents? Yes, yes it does. Watch him here:

That’s Chris Swecker, and he’s the former assistant FBI director. He knows a bit about what illegality looks like and, as you can hear in the video, Clinton’s spying op, in his opinion, qualifies.

As you can hear, he first says “I liken it (the Durham probe) to Watergate in that Sussman got his hands on information he wasn’t entitled to, but rather than burglarize the information or break in to get the information, the night watchmen let him in.”

Then, after explaining the probe contextually, Swecker went on to question just why the FBI and CIA agents that Hillary’s minions were working with were so willing to accept the information and not put it through the wringer to examine its credibility. In his view, that could have been due to the “ideologues” in the top posts at those deeply corrupt agencies.

However, while he does say that there are multiple potential charges that could be brought, Swecker also has less than ideal news for those exuberant about Hillary potentially getting caught at long last: Durham is going to need to climb the ladder and take down or flip numerous “midlevel” people before he can ever get to the wicked witch herself.

Still, the message is hopeful in that Swecker isn’t completely down on the idea that Hillary could be held accountable and obviously thinks that some of those involved could be charged for their role in the horrifying scandal.

This isn’t the first time Swecker has gone on Fox to discuss Clinton’s corruption. Back in 2018, he appeared on Tucker and had this to say about the email scandal and investigation into it, according to BizPacReview:

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“Those of us that have conducted federal criminal investigations know that you use the grand jury, you use search warrants, you don’t hand out immunities like candy. Everything investigation runs contrary to the way a real credible, thorough FBI investigation is conducted,” Swecker added.

Swecker told Tucker the lack of using a grand jury was a major tip that something was amiss.

“First and foremost, in any complicated federal investigation, the basic tool of the trade is a grand jury. Use of the grand jury to obtain records. You don’t go to witnesses and say ‘mother, may I have that computer hard drive? May I have those emails?’ You use subpoenas and process and grand jury and search warrants and that sort of process.

“That was the tip-off from the beginning.”

That scandal of Clinton’s, however, was bush league compared to this one. Having an email server is one thing. Spying on the sitting president is far, far worse.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.