November 28, 2020

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a joe biden presidency would be horrible

Donald Trump on Why a Joe Biden Presidency Would Be Horrible

The Quote by President Donald Trump on Why a Joe Biden Presidency Would Be Horrible

“If you want a vision of your life under a Joe Biden Presidency, imagine the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, the violent anarchy of Portland, and the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago coming to every citizen and town in America” -President Trump on Why a Joe Biden Presidency Would Be Horrible

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My Thoughts on the Terrible Specter of a Joe Biden Presidency

As President Trump said in this quote, a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible. Crime would wrack America and ruin the cities that have not yet been destroyed by riots, shutdowns, and leftist policies. Taxes would strip you of your wealth, and violent anarchist groups like Antifa and BLM would gain legitimacy, as they are the armed wing of the Democratic Party.

If you do not believe me or President Trump about that vision of why a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible, then just look at Biden’s biggest campaign promises and what Politico says his positions are. Joe wants to:

  • Abolish the death penalty
  • Eliminate minimum sentences
  • Eliminate private prisons
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour
  • Potentially enact reparations
  • Get rid of charter schools
  • Make college “free”
  • End offshore drilling
  • Tax carbon emissions
  • Create a gun buyback program (aka gun confiscations)
  • Create a national firearm registry
  • Make Obamacare an even bigger program
  • Citizenship for illegal immigrants that came here under the DACA program
  • Forgive past marijuana convictions
  • Increase capital gains taxes
  • Raise corporate taxes
  • Raise income taxes
  • “Don’t worry so much about China”
  • Don’t use tariffs

Wow, what a list of policies that absolutely show that a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible.

For one, Biden is about weak on crime as a candidate could be without actually being a criminal himself. He would forgive past offenders, get rid of private prisons (which are generally quite effective and are much needed for keeping criminals off of the streets), get rid of the minimum sentences that have created a serious deterrent to crime, and also get rid of the death penalty, which is the only thing that can bring justice to a murderer.

So, if you want to imagine why a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible, just imagine the huge crime wave that will ensue if Joe Biden is elected. Criminals will be let out of prison and there will be no deterrents in place to stop them from committing future crimes. Joe Biden in the White House would mean criminals rampaging like wild across our cities. Murderers would not be punished, drug dealers would be able to go back to drug dealing and face no consequences for doing so, and there would not be anywhere near enough prisons to lock up those criminals.

Relatedly, Joe Biden is basically pro-illegal immigration. Why does that mean that a Joe Biden presidency would be terrible and what does it mean for criminal justice?

Well, for one, it means that we would have even more criminals in America. If you cross the border illegally, you are a criminal. That is a fact. Plus, as shown in Narconomics, those people tend to bring drugs and gang ties with them.

Additionally, it shows that Joe Biden does not understand the obvious threat posed by illegal immigration. If he cannot understand that problem, how could he possibly understand the other problems related to law and order in America?

Furthermore, Joe Biden wants to make it impossible to own a gun. He wants to confiscate your weapons through buybacks, ban “assault weapons,” and create a national firearm registry, the only purpose of which would be to make future gun confiscation schemes even easier. Joe Biden does not get the point of the 2nd Amendment and would make it impossible for you to defend yourself against criminals.

The other reason that a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible is that he would destroy our economy.

By not being tough with China and using tariffs to make trade fair, Joe Biden would make it very difficult for Americans to get good trade terms. That would seriously hurt our economy and would send even more jobs out of America.

Additionally, taxes are already too high, even with the Trump tax cuts. Higher taxes are bad for the economy, and Joe Biden wants to significantly raise taxes. The economic damage that Creepy Joe would do to America would be severe and make it quite difficult for America to ever be as prosperous as it currently is.

a joe biden presidency would be horrible for the economy, as shown by his tax plan
From: Forbes

In summary, there is no other way to say that a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible. He would destroy our economy and would enable the criminals and rioters that are destroying our cities and eroding the rule of law.

America does not need Joe Biden. He is not a moderate, he is a radical, as is his VP, Kamala Harris. Even worse, the policies that he supports would be terrible for America and would destroy every institution or program that has made America great and prosperous.

So, if you want to live in a nation that is thriving rather than dying, there is one thing you have to do. Vote for President Trump and make sure that Joe Biden loses in a landslide. If you do so, we will have Trump and his terrific policies in place rather than Joe Biden and his terrible, radical, and socialist policies. Remember that a Joe Biden Presidency would be horrible for America and do everything you can to prevent him from becoming president!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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