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A Good Conservative Media Website

What is a Good Conservative Media Website?

The New Movement is an excellent new conservative website. It caters to conservatives who are tired of constant liberal media bombardment. By reading this article, you are doubly lucky. Not only are you getting to hear about a good conservative media website, but also you are reading the first guest article on Gen Z Conservative! Enjoy!

Check out The New Movement here:

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The New Movement:

Over two years ago, we started our group,  Our mission statement is as follows: 

As patriots, we wholeheartedly support Donald J. Trump as the duly elected President of the United States.  The time has arrived for Conservatives to no longer be silent, to speak out, to promote to strive to protect the principles upon which this country was founded 

We are committed to stand up and fight back against the Mainstream Media, Media Matters and the left-wing radicals who clearly want to destroy our country. 

We stand up for all Conservative voices with whom we share similar values.  Our constitution and American values are being assaulted and that must end. 


We have a Facebook page as well as a website by the same name.  While there are many advocacy groups out there, ours is different because we “fight fire with fire.”  Most of the advocacy groups on Facebook, for instance, are places where information is disseminated and people on the site can comment.  We are different for a few reasons.  Firstly, posting is done not only by our administrative volunteers, but also by all members.  That being said, we screen what actually appears on the page in order to verify before articles and information is actually posted to ensure that we are posting truthful information.  We do not engage in conspiracy theory or lies.  Secondly, our entire staff is made up of volunteers. Our volunteers monitor the page for trolls, particularly bad language or inflammatory responses which we delete.   None of us have met each other, but we are all working towards and believe in our mission statement. 

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Thirdly, and what really sets us apart from other groups and makes us unique, is that because we have a webpage, we can fight back.  We actively monitor the news and when there are issues we support or can fight, we do campaigns (e.g., urge the House to act on Immigration, to protest Ilhan,  support President Trump) in which we create ready-made tweets and emails that people can click on and send to the appropriate places.   In some cases, we provide phone numbers as well for those who do not do email or tweet or to reinforce our tweets and emails.  For people who subscribe to our page (and it is free), we send an email out to alert them of new campaigns.  Anyone can go to our webpage by clicking on this link:  

We were very active in the last election cycle and are already working to get not only Trump re-elected, but to turn the House Red and keep the Senate RED.   Also, we welcome new members who share our values and want to fight back.  Additionally, we work with other like-minded groups to support Donald Trump.  We would welcome your participation!  Ultimately, we exist because Conservatives can no longer afford to lie down and play dead.  We must stick together, be activists, but fight fire with fire. 

By: Ellen from The New Movement

Conclusion to this Guest Article from a Good Conservative Website:

You should definitely check out this great conservative media website! Because it is both conservative and high-quality, you won’t regret giving it your support. I hope you enjoyed this guest article, and make sure to email me if you would like to write one!


Check out the New Movement:

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