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Humor: A Fair Trade- We’ll Take the Liberty Lovers and the Confused Commies Can Go to Cuba

I’d take this fair trade any day of the week, as would pretty much any sane person. We’ll take the liberty-loving Cubans and the tyrannical Cuban regime can have our dimwitted socialists.

Fact is, much as the left is loath to admit it, the real right doesn’t care about race, even in the realm of immigration. Rather, what we care about is admitting only those immigrants that have accepted the American ideals of hard work, individual liberty, individual responsibility, and the basic idea that Western Civilization as we saw it during the Victorian Age creates the best outcomes. That is, that free markets, fair trade, little government involvement in the economy, and constant innovation is what is best and should be our goal.

That’s all we want from immigrants- a basic acceptance of our premises. Nigerian immigrants tend to get it, we love them. Ditto that for the Vietnamese boat people, Korean immigrants, and Indian immigrants. In fact, they tend to “get it” far more than the Western Europeans from whom our ideology originally came.

Europe disavowed the ideas and ideals of Locke, Churchill, and Voltaire long ago, replacing them with the twisted, anti-Western ideologies of Marx and Gandhi.

That sickening replacement of liberty with glorified oppression has come to America. Here we have losers that burn our flag, attack the idea of liberty, and call for communism. Fine; they’re welcome to have all those things, just not here. They can have all the communism they want in China or Cuba! In the meanwhile, we’ll take the citizens of those oppressed nations that aim for something higher, for freedom.

So, to keep it short, doesn’t this seem like a fair trade, one all conservatives should get behind?! We’ll take those that love liberty, the commies can have those that want to be oppressed by party apparatchiks. Sounds like self-determination to me!