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A Cornerstone of America’s Founding Under Attack

In a country that was supposedly founded upon several inalienable God-given rights, one would think that America’s leaders would never seek to diminish, erode or abrogate them, but that’s just what they do and have done my entire adult life, because those rights stand in the way of their power and control over the people.

Our rights are under constant attack by Democrats, who now more closely resemble Marxist tyrants, and Republicans-in-Name-Only, who are statist globalists and equally repugnant to freedom-loving Americans, and recently these enemies of freedom and liberty saw fit to infringe upon our Second Amendment and our lawful right to self-defense, by inserting anti-firearm legislation into the recent $1.5 trillion spending bill through the Violence Against Women Act.

One should note that Joe Biden has long led the charge to eradicate our Second Amendment rights. Throughout his Senate career and as Vice-President in January of 2013, Biden led a gun control commission for the purpose of offering proposals to the White House and Congress for gun control laws and regulations.

Although myself and many millions of other advocates for the right to keep and bear arms have tirelessly petitioned Congress throughout the years to defend and protect this right, it is regularly assaulted each and every year, either in Congress or in some left-leaning state where an ignorant, misinformed population consistently give support to its eradication.

On March 10th 2022, in the dead of night, the Senate passed the VAWA that contains one more item aimed at further eroding the Second Amendment, co-authored by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

Many of us were aware of what was taking place, when the VAWA passes the House of Representatives last year, and we made our anger known over the anti-firearm clauses. Most of us thought that surely they had received the message to cease and desist their moves in this direction, but we got caught by surprise, much as I did, because I was currently focused on the clamoring climate change commies in the Democratic Party and Biden’s policies that have led to new energy and economic crises, placing America between a rock and a hard spot.

It’s bad, and its an erosion of our inalienable right, but the points it hits could prove to be very damaging in some respects, depending on how aggressively each local segment of law enforcement pursues enforcement on the federal, state, and local levels, and in reality, these represent illegal, unconstitutional violations of the Second Amendment and should be challenged in court as such.

The parts of the firearm-related clauses that passed, as a part of the VAWA Reauthorization were Sections 1101-1102 which allows law enforcement to launch investigations into anyone associated with a firearm background denial, even though these NICS denial notifications are frequently wrong. Not only are law-abiding citizens denied their firearm under this “law”, but then they are subjected to an intrusive investigation by law enforcement agents. And under Section 1103, funding is given to the ATF for the purpose of deputizing local police officers to enforce federal firearm “laws”, especially for the purpose of undermining the Second Amendment Protection Act.

As noted by the organization of Gun Owners of America, there is a window of opportunity to still remove these anti-Second Amendment clauses, but I’m late to this and while the GOA noted it was a five-day window, that window closes tomorrow [March 15th] and while we may be hopeful, it is doubtful anything will change, since this bill advanced to the Senate on a vote of 260 to 171 in the House with the support of thirty-nine Republican Turncoats and Traitors to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, and it passed in the Senate 68 to 31.

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Fortunately, the more onerous parts didn’t pass. Years of resistance from pro-Second amendment groups and normal, law-abiding citizens successfully led to the removal of Sections 101 and 102, which granted funding for the training of police officers to execute “red flag” firearm confiscation orders. Sections 801 and 802 were also blocked, which allowed for the confiscation of firearms from anyone convicted of domestic violence against a woman [don’t need a firearm to kill a person — knives & hammers work too] and turned state-level stalking laws into “red flag” firearm confiscation laws.

This was one of President Donald Trump’s greatest flaw, in that he revealed himself to be far too willing to sign red flag legislation into “law”, and at one point even suggested suspending “due process of the law”. He also violated the Second Amendment when he signed his executive order that banned bump stocks; and although bump stocks are a worthless extra piece of equipment meant to aid increase a rifle’s rate of fire, this still represented a blatant violation, no matter how one looks at it.

The question I ask is who gets to decide whether someone is a threat to themselves or others, and how often will any red flag law be used to target conservatives and others, by their political enemies, by way of false accusations?

The bill also funds what is tantamount to an in-house program designed to advocate for more gun control measures through research into “gun violence”, with such “research” too often manipulated by Democratic party ideologues entrenched within these agencies. They start with the conclusion they want to reach and then manipulated and cherry-pick the facts that support their anti-firearm positions, as detailed by Dr. Miguel Faria, Jr in his book, ‘America, Guns and Freedom’, information he gave as a part of his testimony before Congress in the spring of 1996

This is part of the trouble Americans face regarding politics and how political dynamics affect the state of the union and our inalienable God-given rights. One person cannot do it all, oversee it all, and for those fine conservative and independent Americans most interested in preserving freedom and liberty for future generations, it will take better communication and the formation of more groups delegated certain primary issues to vigilantly watch over, in order to better protect and defend our rights. Americans also must be better informed and they must vet candidates more intensely, so as to more fully know who they are electing and exactly where they stand on the most important issues of the day.

To see thirty-nine Republicans vote for this BULLSHIT reveals the sad state of the GOP and the fact that in too many instances, it no longer really defends our inalienable God-given rights and it no longer represents true freedom and liberty for America.

Depending on whether or not these infringements upon the Second Amendment are ever challenged before a lower court or make their way to the Supreme Court, these clauses should be found unconstitutional, since they are aimed at eroding and eradicating this right. These clauses absolutely infringe upon our inalienable God-given right to carry firearms for the lawful purpose of self-defense, an individual right according to the Supreme Court in the District of Columbia vs Heller 2008 and one that preexists the Constitution and government — noting that this includes carrying any weapon of one’s choice for that same lawful purpose of self-defense.

There isn’t any clause in the U.S. Constitution that can be interpreted to give Congress, the President, any States’ legislatures, or the District of Columbia the power and authority to disarm law-abiding people or infringe on their right to arm themselves, in the manner we currently witness Congress doing. These flagitious attempts to eradicate our Second Amendment Right — God-given — is occurring in plain sight through incremental actions and under a general pretense in blind pursuit of inordinate power.

This is the reason men such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Locke spoke often about the rights of men and the reason our Founders created the Second Amendment, in that they saw the need to prevent such abuse of power, preserve the rest of the Bill of Rights, restrain the federal government and keep Americans and our country free. And in his ‘Commentaries on the Constitution’, Joseph Story, one of our first few Supreme Court Justices, considered the right to keep and bear arms as “the palladium of liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers …”, which deters tyranny and enables the people to overthrow their government should it prove necessary.

It’s just a damned shame that the nation has arrived to a point that its elected officials cannot be trusted to the simplest of tasks and the protection and defense of our freedom and liberties, which is precisely the reason the Second Amendment was codified as a negative right to plainly state what the government cannot do to us, namely infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, and this applies to any extra requirement applied against this right, such as a fee, tax or a license.

I’ve had a firearm of one kind or another in my hands since I was eight years old, and it’s hard for me to understand how afraid of firearms, so many Americans have become. I used to wave at the Sheriff’s deputies, in 1970 at thirteen, as I walked down the main road through Dixon, Missouri toting my 12 gauge shotgun on my way to the fields that were full of wild boars.

Nowadays, I can just see some thirteen year old repeating this same casual act, with some blue&pink-haired, nose-ring wearing LGBTQ Democrat screaming bloody murder and “Oh No … [Oh God?] … Somebody call the police … he’s going to kill someone” even though they’d just called their representative the day before to demand the police be defunded.

Americans better start demanding that each and every new bill proposed must be addressed separately and fully discussed and debated and made known to their constituents. The country must not allow such surreptitious actions as sneaking a bill into a much larger bill in hopes no one will notice; such actions are the actions of someone who knows they are doing something that is wrong.

In the meantime, I’ll do as I have always done and carry any firearm I want at any given moment on any day I want to do so, whether it’s my lil’ .22 magnum or a Big Ol’ Barrett .50 manufactured by my good friend, Ronnie Barrett; and the day any law enforcement agency and its people come to take my firearms — if this “law” isn’t rescinded and struck down — they better pack a lunch, because it will be an all day job and they’ll have to come through a hail of bullets. For me, this represents an act of war against me, my family and America, and I’ll act and respond accordingly.

If the government under any administration presses this and actually enforces it, not one person who voted for this BULLSHIT should be safe.

Americans better wake up and wake up soon and start fighting back harder than ever for their very lives and their freedom, against this sort of tyranny, for these bastards mean to replace “the rule of law” with diktats and legislation that is no righteous law whatsoever, not when it attempts to turn good and decent law-abiding citizens into outlaws and infringes upon and violates an inalienable God-given right that represents one of the cornerstones of our nation’s founding.

Every man, woman and child has an absolute right to their life, and as such, they also have an absolute right to defend their lives whether that defense is from a robber, a rapist or a murderer or an out-of-control government, and such rights that are found in Nature as created by God — those which we have come to identify as Inalienable God-given Rights — cannot be abrogated or legislated from existence. Even should legislation exist making it illegal for people to arm themselves for the lawful purpose of self-defense, our right to defend ourselves using any weapon at our disposal remains constant and true and their “law” is no law at all.

by Justin O Smith