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“A Cold, Dark and Determined Monster”: Gen. Flynn Rings Alarm Bell about the War on America’s Culture

Note: This is not a declaration that the facts in Flynn’s op-ed are all correct, but rather an article on his opinion and what he sees as a threat. 

Gen. Michael Flynn, a hero of the Trump Administration’s early days that many say was set up by the FBI, just wrote a brilliant op-ed about the main threat facing America right now: the war on its culture and heritage.

In that article, Flynn first described the nature of the threat in vivid imagery, saying:

In front of America stands a cold, dark and determined monster. This monster seeks to destroy this country. To those of us the monster fears and hates, it screams racist, conspirator, deplorable! It shouts at us, calling our passion and love for our country contemptible. But we will not be deterred.

Then, switching from the evil to the good, he described what once made America great, what made our wonderful nation a bright, shining light on the hill for the world and led to it becoming such a force for good in the worlds, saying:

This is our country — The United States of America. A country of pioneers and leaders, risk-takers and visionaries, like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and so many others. This is the country of Abraham Lincoln and his famous Gettysburg Address. We have phrases like, “In God We Trust,” “Remember the Alamo” and “Death before Dishonor.” This is a country of ordinary men and women with extraordinary courage, who have lived by the core values of God, country, family, life and liberty through generations of monumental change.

Then, echoing General George Patton’s famous speech and call to action before the invasion of North Africa, a speech made famous by the movie “Patton,” General Flynn called readers to action, saying:

Change is upon our nation. What story will you tell your children and grandchildren when they ask, what did you do during the great awakening? Will you answer that you felt a sense of duty to their future and the future generations of American citizens? Or will you say you sat idly by while America was stolen by dark forces?

To have a stake in our country’s future, everyday people of America must rise by restoring American values and principles that have sustained America as the greatest nation in the history of the world…

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And what does standing up for your nation mean doing?

Acting like an American! Become part of your community, preach Christian values, stand up for conservative ideals, etc. In other words, be the opposite of all that we lament, be the light you’d like to see in the country. Or, as Flynn puts it:

Our founders created an experiment in democracy called a republic. As Benjamin Franklin stated when asked what type of government do we have? “A republic, if you can keep it.” If we are to keep this experiment moving forward, we must renew, re-energize, refit and prepare ourselves for greater sacrifices. Our bloated government is the proverbial cold, dark and determined monster that we face.

Flynn is oft-maligned and his association with Sidney Powell, who looks more and more like a huckster by the day, isn’t great. But he’s a brave man who has done much for his country and his description of the culture war threat–that dark, foreboding monster that would destroy all that is great about America–is brilliant.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.