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Ours Is “A Civilization Weltering in Its Final Death Throes”

Watch the video. Force yourself to watch it. It’s the video that will be remembered as the one that exposed America, and the West largely, as a civilization weltering in its death throes.

The background is that an ambulance arrived to pick up wounded Californians who had been wounded in a gang-related shooting at an Oakland mall in which seven people were wounded and one was killed. The wounded, thankfully, were in stable condition.

But the shooting isn’t the point. Unfortunately, thanks to both Democrat-led defunding of the police, fatherlessness in black America, and the level of gang activity that has been allowed to flourish in blue states and cities, such gang-related shootings have become common as of late. Malls and street corners in the inner cities have, thanks to those factors, become bloodstained crime scenes.

The point is the behavior of those savages surrounding the ambulance. Rather than help the wounded, hunt down those that perpetrated the shooting, or, most simply of all, simply standing out of the way, Oakland’s best and brightest citizens decided to party on and around the ambulance.

One man jumped on top of the ambulance. Multiple whores twerked on the side of the rescue vehicle while thuggish men started grinding on them. Various revelers run around laughing and videoing, getting in the way of emergency personnel and acting like even less-educated and less-civilized versions of the barbarians that sacked Rome.

Such people do not form great states.

Rome didn’t fall in a day, but it did gradually collapse once Romans become obsessed with chasing base pleasure and paid far more heed to satisfying proclivities than working for the greatness or dignity of the Empire.

Western Europe used to be a bastion of greatness and the pinnacle of civilization. Now, Brits are told not to report blacks raping white women because doing so is “racist,” rapes and terror attacks happen because of political correctness, and Sweden is being terrorized by the vicious migrants it accepted into its borders.

And America, once a nation of hard, virtuous men, is now reminiscent of the Romans in their most degenerate and licentious days. Our citizens are too fat to fight, men are weak, women aren’t feminine, and pleasure is valued far more highly than responsibility. Gone are the days of Washington, Jefferson, and Robert. E Lee and in are the days of Lady Gaga, George Floyd, and Gucci Mane. The cavalier has been replaced with the gangster, the yeoman farmer with the rapper and financier.

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Now, our citizenry is so degenerate and irresponsible that it’d rather twerk and dance than help out its wounded fellows.

All of that is representative of a civilization weltering in its death throes. We are not the inheritors of the greatness that was Rome, the glory that was Britannia ruling the waves, or the splendor of Alexander’s conquests. Those achievements of the West are reserved for better men.

No, so long as those barbarians in the above video are considered “citizens” of our civilization and Europe allows the mass of “refugees” to terrorize it, we are the inheritors of the barbarians that sacked Rome, the profligate and degenerate courts of the Persian Empire before its collapse, and the chaos of Jacobin rule in France.

It’s a sad thing to watch a civilization die. But watch it we must, for we who have allowed it to happen are to blame.

By: Gen Z Conservative


2 thoughts on “Ours Is “A Civilization Weltering in Its Final Death Throes””

  1. “No, so long as those barbarians in the above video are considered “citizens” of our civilization… .”

    Speak for yourself: “Mississippi wind chimes” are NOT a thing of the past in Louisiana or Mississippi. The apes behave in those states. I do hope those and other like-minded states eventually join Texas in leaving the erstwhile “united” states.

  2. There seems to be some mistake. The article states that this video was made at a mall in Oakland. The video has apparently been switched with something recorded at a Safari Park.

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