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A Caution to Climate Alarmists


This guest article, like the recent one about The College Conservatives, is a real treat. In a well-reasoned and supported article, one of my Twitter followers gives a caution to climate alarmists that their absurd embrace of every climate change theory has certainly earned them.

If you’re interested in reading more about the left’s climate change lies, check out my article on one of those lies that was recently proven to be false, and my article on a conservative view on climate change! Also, check out my articles on government failures and climate change skepticism and the fact that American plastic pollution isn’t problematic. Enjoy this great guest article, in my view, a caution to climate alarmists is much needed as we deal with their unrealistic, hate-filled rhetoric! -Gen Z Conservative

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Bulldozer’s “A Caution to Climate Alarmists”

Forget the fact that ‘Anthropogenic‘ is the most important part left out of the Climate Change fear-mongering mantra of left-wing activist parrots on a daily screaming rant of doom in a choir of non-scientific consensus where they recommend horribly bad economic policies in order to avert a disaster which has never actually taken a single human life.

Einstein’s apt lesson of humility can help crack open the legitimacy of skeptical science. He is well known for his contributions to many scientific theories. Far too many to fully cover here, but he was brilliant. Many publications like that of General Relativity, also known as the general theory of relativity – the geometric theory of gravitation – were published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and still stand as the current description of gravitation in modern physics today.

Using the equations of General Relativity Einstein explained the orbit of Mercury while agreeing with the proven Newton theories and further explaining the missing parts not covered by Newton’s law of gravitation. Light passing by the sun should bend because of its gravity, which has been confirmed through experimentation. Starlight leaving stars should be red-shifted, and experiments have confirmed this to be true by observation. Equations in empty space yielded a prediction that waves of gravitation should propagate through it and this too has been confirmed.

Then Einstein used his equations to make a prediction that the universe should be static and unchanging, but this time he was wrong. The general understanding or consensus at the time predicted that the universe was static and unchanging. When Einstein did the calculation, he also implied that the universe was static and couldn’t be expanding. This was consistent with his own preconceived biased notions and by the school of reason held by scientists at the time.

Tensor calculus is difficult but not a problem for Einstein. The problem is when authority figures blind our willingness to question a man or theory instead of to the scientific method upon which knowledge and conclusions are made. Even if Einstein had been less inclined to agree or let’s say more skeptical, he would never have struggled with a solution. Rather than question his equation he sought to reprove ultimately costing him time potentially one more groundbreaking paper to his credit.

A Russian physicist named Alexander Freedman came along but didn’t make the same mathematical mistakes when he plugged in Einstein’s equations and he got a prediction that the universe could be expanding, contracting or static and that it depended on how much stuff was in the universe. Freedman concluded that the universe needed to have a balance of matter and energy in order to be stable.

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Einstein criticized Alexander Freedman by publishing a paper citing his original equation. Freedman responded to Einstein in a private message, clearly not wanting to embarrass Einstein, graciously explaining the ‘astronomical’ mathematical error and kindly asked Einstein to show him where he was wrong or publish a correction.
Einstein eventually realized his mistake and published a correction and a retraction of his previous criticism. He went on to state that the theory of relativity could permit a contracting, expanding or static universe.

Einstein was notably upset about his mistake regretting the wasted time his mistake cost him and the recognition Freedman now had which are known as the Freedman equations defining the large-scale understanding of the universe as we know it today.

Our scientific biases can be held so strongly and deeply that they may blind us to the existence of alternative theories. Or worse, force skeptics out due to a political bias as Dr. Noelle Metting was by the Obama Administration. Hence the need for a caution to climate alarmists. Keeping an open, rational, and scientific mind is one of the basic tenents of the scientific method. It should apply to every aspect of our lives because when we have an open mind, we are more willing to look at the evidence and less likely to write angry criticism.

Those who claim skeptical-science is a form of ‘denial’ would do well to remember the idea of scientific skepticism is merely the application of the Scientific Method where a skeptical philosophy is part of the critical-thinking skills and knowledge every single scientist should have learned which is to remain agnostic or neutral to non-empirical claims.

The ‘denier’ movement is unproductive, unscientific and reminiscent of the Harvey Weinstein trial where labels hid decades of rape victims through intimidation ironically by the very same people. We need a caution to climate alarmists that is heard by everyone. Otherwise we’ll continue down this dark path.

By: Bulldozer, known as @BulldogLoyalty on Twitter, who is an accomplished Scientist, Engineer, Historian & researcher