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The Time Has Come for a Campaign of Resistance

As Jordan Schatchel recently wrote on AIER, Covid has killed the free world. The West, that brave group of countries that stood up to and defeated first the fascist threat then the Soviet threat, standing up for republican and democratic ideals against the tyrants of the East, has fallen into the grip of tyrants. Petty tyrants, to be sure, but, as CS Lewis noted in his quotation about the worst type of tyranny, those tyrants are some of the most insidious and evil. Well, I say NO MORE! The time has come for a campaign of resistance. We must stand up to tyranny.

First, let’s review what the Covid tyrants have done to this land and the nations of our friends.

In the US, practically every state not run by a deep-red governor is still shut down to some extent and bureaucrats with any scrap of power are abusing it. The government was prodding people to take a vaccine that can cause blood clots, masks are still a requirement in most stores and restaurants from sea to shining sea, various arbitrary restrictions on opening and capacity plague small business owners, and overweight people still glare (or scream) at you for “putting their health in danger” by not wearing a mask or properly social distancing. As if a lack of a piece of blue cloth is worse for them than fifty years of unhealthy eating. In any case, we have become a nation of tyrants and informants.

Hypocritical governors and mayors create edicts that destroy small businesses, make our lives far worse, and do little (if anything) to “slow the spread” of the flu. If businesses, God forbid, tell people to make their own decisions about masks, they’re reported. If churches try to have services, they’re fined and reported. If gyms try to help people boost their immune systems by letting them work out, you guessed it- Covid Karens report them.

In East Germany, about one in thirty of the nation’s subjects acted as informants for the tyrannical Stasi and one-third of East Germany were under suspicion or surveillance. Is America today so different? The number of informants might be lower in some communities (and higher in others, namely college campuses and other towns overrun with leftists), but the effect is the same. Freedom-loving Americans are reported on and punished for trying to save their businesses or live the lives they think they ought. Our government is waging a war on liberty. It is treading on us.

Oh, and, by the way, the only people actually at any real risk of dying from Covid are the elderly and morbidly obese. If you’re not retired and are reasonably healthy, the threat is minuscule. Why not just release the data and ask at-risk Americans to stay home if they’re uncomfortable with the threat level? That would let liberty and personal responsibility do what they do best- create the best outcome by letting each individual market actor make his or her own decisions based on information no bureaucrat could ever know.

But, of course, that’s not what the government wants. It wants to control you. The petty tyrants like having the ability to shut down your business, force you to wear a mask, stand some random (and unscientific) distance away from your fellows. Those twisted tyrants enjoy telling you what to do and watching you obey their diktats. Like Caligula making his favorite horse a senator and forcing everyone to treat it as one, they get a sick sense of pleasure in watching you obey. As with gun control, it’s about control, not making your life better.

The situation “across the pond” in Western Europe is somehow even worse. Great Britain has been locked down for almost a full year. Germany is planning on repurposing refugee camps so that lockdown breakers can be sent to them…no ominous vibes there. Travel is restricted around the Western world and liberty is withering on the vine.

The only solution is a campaign of mass resistance. America was not founded by meek men. It was founded and built by a brilliant, brave generation that resisted tyranny at every level and fought for their rights.

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Their spirit is fast disappearing. Now, we’ve become a nation of weak men. That is sad, but not necessarily a permanent state of affairs. If we choose now to stand up to the lockdown tyrants, our nation’s character might still be reparable.

Luckily, the rumblings of resistance are already apparent across the once-free western world and the spirit of 1776 is being revived.

First, there was the GameStop populist revolt. While not directly related to Covid, it showed the elites that there are still people out there willing to make sacrifices if it meant they could strike back against the oligarchic elites that want to control their lives. Who knows whether the hedge funds or WSB crowd lost more. That doesn’t matter as much as the statement it sent, which is that We The People are tired of the oligarchy.

Then, the anti-lockdown protests began. Thousands marched in the UK to protest their tyrannical lockdowns. Tens of thousands protested in Germany, Croatia, and Switzerland. Many more marched in the Low Countries and Toronto, along with countless other towns and cities around the world. People are waking up and demanding their tyrannical governments back off. They want liberty and are willing to risk arrest in pursuit of that. If only Americans were so brave.

And, finally, the fights have started getting personal. Individuals and small groups of exasperated citizens started standing up for what is right and shooing the tyrants out of their churches and businesses. The most notable examples both come from Canada, where a Polish priest called the Covid cops the “Gestapo” and forced them out of his establishment and where patrons in a Vancouver restaurant chanted “get out” and forced a Covid regulator out of a beloved restaurant that was serving them.

On one hand, it is sad that we have to look to Canadians and Europeans to see what it looks like to stand up for freedom. But, on the other hand, at least some people are waking up and making this fight a personal one.

The fact is, that’s the only way this will ever end. We have to make the fight personal and engage in a mass campaign of resistance across the nation. While big protests are useful to some extent, they are centralized and the government can deal with them. Everyone refusing to comply and choosing to instead kick out the Covid tyrants is a much more difficult problem for the bureaucracy to deal with.

If you’re eating in a restaurant that some petty tyrant wants to shut down, keep chanting and yelling until that enemy of liberty is forced to leave. If you have time, go to an anti-lockdown protest (or, better yet, organize one yourself). Don’t wear a mask. Don’t social distance. Keep your business open. Tell the tyrants to bugger off. And if state officials tell you that you need a vaccine passport, then, well, it’s time to move somewhere else.

America is supposed to be a nation of free men. Whatever happened to “liberty or death?” Would the Founding Fathers have worn masks because some bureaucrat that has failed up for decades said they needed to? Would they have let the government destroy their businesses while letting Big Business stores stay open? No! Such are the actions of serfs and subjects, not free citizens.

The time for a mass campaign of resistance is now. Liberty must be defended. As John Adams said in a 1775 letter to his wife, Abigail, “Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”

Well, right now, liberty is disappearing but is not quite lost. Now might be our last chance to recover it.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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