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Gallup Poll: 51% of Healthcare Workers Won’t Get Vaccine

I’m not as against the recently developed Covid vaccine as some on the right, although I am a skeptic that new type of vaccine (mRNA) could be developed within a year (the average amount of time required to create a traditional vaccine is 10 years) and be entirely safe and reliable. Perhaps it is. I hope it is. But if all I had was hope and $1.50, I wouldn’t even be able to buy a cup of coffee. And the facts about the recent vaccine are somewhat frighting, namely the fact that a recent Gallup poll indicates that 51% of health care workers and first responders remained unconvinced of the merits of a vaccine even if it “was free, available, FDA approved and 90% effective.”

Don’t believe me? Read that poll here: Gallup Poll 51%

According to the Epoch Times, healthcare workers around the world and nation are skeptical of taking a vaccine. In California, about half of Tehama County’s hospital workers at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, ~50% of hospital staff in Riverside County, refused to take the vaccine. Similarly, in Georgia, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, only 30 percent of health care workers have been inoculated. In Ohio, 60% of nursing-home staff workers refused to take the vaccine, along with a similar number in Texas. Across the Atlantic, half of the French and Swiss and 30 =% of the German nursing home staff were willing to take a vaccine. Plus in India, only ~60% showed up to take it.

Why is that? The charitable worldview is that they’re simply saving saving doses for their elderly patients. Maybe that’s true. Or maybe they’re worried about a vaccine that’s already killing people.

In Italy, for example (according to Yahoo News), prosecutors seized 393,600 shots of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine following the death of a man, Sandro Tognatti, a 57-year-old music teacher, hours after he had received a jab.

According to the NYP, Italy was joined by France and Germany, along with Ireland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, and Thailand in suspending the use of that AstraZeneca vaccine thanks to its killing of Mr. Tognatti.

These problems have led to a situation described by Lawrence Solomon at The Epoch Times as one where:

“For health care workers around the world, their dilemma is deciding who to believe. Their government employers and the pharmaceutical companies, who insist the vaccines’ benefits far outweigh the risks? Or their own eyes?”

Should they listen to bureaucrats and CEOs of the sort that sold pain pills like OxyContin to us as “non-addictive?” Or should they look at the sad fate of Mr. Tognatti, an otherwise healthy man with many years ahead of him who was cut down by a vaccine meant to combat a disease with a miniscule death rate?

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Now, perhaps the other vaccines are fine. The US had not yet approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, after all. But imagine it did. And imagine you were forced to choose between getting a deadly vaccine or not being able to live your home/apartment. Would that be just? How would you respond?

Democrats say to “trust science,” but they don’t really mean that. They mean to trust the science of the sort that Dr. Fauci throws at you. You know, the gravelly-voiced guy that lies constantly. Yeah, trust him, but just wave away Mr. Tognatti’s death as irrelevant. That’s what the left wants.

But if you look at the real science, the truth is somewhat muddled. All we know is that Covid was probably a Chinese bioweapon, the vaccine was made incredibly quickly, and 51% of healthcare workers are scared enough that they won’t take it. Those are the facts. Choose to do with them what you will.

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