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2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia: We Need Them Everywhere


Virginia’s blackface-wearing Governor and now far-left legislature plan to pass and implement confiscatory gun laws this coming January and join the leftist states with restrictive gun laws. Because I live in Virginia for college, it’s something I’m following closely. Luckily, not all Americans have forgotten the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Some of those patriots are creating a network of 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia.

What is a 2nd Amendment sanctuary and how widespread are these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia? Both of those are reasonable questions you’re probably asking. Well, luckily for us all, the National Review recently published an article about these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia that answers both questions!

Before starting with the article, I’d just like to clarify one thing about the 2nd Amendment and laws restricting it. The 2nd Amendment says “shall not be infringed.” That means all gun laws, even the “common sense” gun control laws liberals supposedly like, are unconstitutional. AR-15s are just as protected as hunting rifles, even if liberals want to confiscate them to create a disarmed populace.

The patriots at Lexington and Concord stood up to defend their gun rights. Now, it’s looking like patriots in Virginia might need to do the same. And remember, they might try to pass buybacks off as something other than confiscation. But make no mistake, gun buybacks are gun confiscation by another name, which is something recognized by the patriots creating the 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia.

The Article about 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia:

First, author Robert Verbruggen writes about what the 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia are:

“[2nd Amendment sanctuaries are are] counties, towns, and cities that vow not to enforce state gun laws they deem unconstitutional, in the wake of the Democrats’ taking control of the state government. “


Next, Verbruggen describes how the number of those towns that still respect the 2nd Amendment has skyrocketed recently. In fact, according to him, 93 Virginia counties have adopted the “2nd Amendment sanctuary” moniker in defiance of their tyrannical governor.

Then, he mentions how the spread of these sanctuaries and the sheer number of citizens against the bill meant that the liberals got rid of its more radical, confiscatory language. For once, conservative outrage worked at stopping the radical left and its anti-American policies.

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A Map of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia

After describing what the sanctuaries are and how they’re putting pressure on the leftist Virginia government, Verbruggen includes a map to show what cities and towns in Virginia are 2nd Amendment sanctuaries:

a map of 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia

Verbruggen also points out that some of the above sanctuaries are in blue districts, so the residents in them could flip a vote by pressuring their representative.

The Lengths Democrats Will Go to Implement Gun Control

Finally, Verbruggen ends the article by writing about how the Democrats have considered going to almost every extreme to crush these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries:

“the governor has threatened “consequences,” and other Virginia Democrats have floated everything from prosecutions of local authorities, to cutting off state funds, to National Guard deployment.”


They’d even send in the National Guard to round up our guns from these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia! If that’s not tyranny, then I don’t know what is. In any case, they’ll fail. Gun confiscation is impossible.



Virginia is a bit like California. There are many Republicans in California just as there are many Republicans in Virginia. Unfortunately, the leftists in both states heavily outnumber the conservatives. As a result, we are stuck with laws like Virginia’s upcoming gun control legislation.

I was despondent when I heard about the upcoming laws. Not because I was worried about my guns being stolen by the government, I keep them at home in Georgia.

Rather, I was worried that the new laws meant no one in the state that is the heart of early America, the home of many of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, cared about the Constitution.

However, the creation of these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia changed my mind. Some people out there still understand that the most important reason to own a gun is to fight back against tyranny.

Those patriotic citizens embody everything the Founders wanted in a people. Especially, they embody the spirit of rebellion seen in 1776 and are basically demanding “liberty or death” while resisting the death of individual liberty present elsewhere in America, especially California.

In some respects, these 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in Virginia are like the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong. They’re fighting a tyrannical government despite being outnumbered and under-resourced.

Also, like Hong Kong, they need to see a freedom-loving America. We should all preserve the spirit of resistance and rebellion from the American Revolution and fight to preserve our gun rights.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook