Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home News There Were 289,000 Excess Votes in Battleground States

There Were 289,000 Excess Votes in Battleground States

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According to a recent study, there were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states. That information is yet more evidence that the brazen voter fraud that President Trump and other conservatives claimed happened actually happened. Many Americans already knew that the election results were suspicious; according to a recent Rasmussen poll, nearly 47% of voters think that the election was stolen, including many Democrats.

But others haven’t yet learned the truth about the election. They still naively think that it was a “free and fair” election of the sort that America is supposed to have. It wasn’t. And a recent study, the topic of this article, shows why: there were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states. That means that hundreds of thousands of votes were likely counted, but were never actually cast by legal voters.

There is other evidence, besides the study about excess votes in battleground states, that has caused Americans to lose faith in the electoral system. One study by Just the News indicated that non-citizens voted. Videos have leaked out that show obviously fraudulent practices in Democrat-dominated voting centers. Many of the Dominion machines were compromised, as an audit of the Dominion machines that were caught flipping votes in Michigan showed. In Pennsylvania, it even appears that there were more votes recorded than ballots cast!

But more evidence is always better. Americans need to know that the election was neither free nor fair. This recent study adds yet more evidence to the “fraudulent” side of the ledger and this article will give the details of the study.

As the exposure of the fact that there were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states shows, Biden should not be president! He did not really win. Show you know that and will fight his illegal administration by resisting like it’s 1776! Buy one here: https://teespring.com/get-the-spirit-of-76

What Dr. Lott’s Study Shows: There Were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states

Source 1: The Study Itself

Before diving into commentary and summaries of Dr. Lott’s study, you might want to read it yourself. Reading the unbiased original is almost always better than reading what others right about it.

If you have time to do so and would like to read the study, just click here to check it out. The study was entitled “A Simple Test for the Extent of Vote Fraud with Absentee Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election: Georgia and Pennsylvania Data” and was authored by Dr. John Lott.

It is a convincing study that shines light on the issue of fraudulent ballots.

Source 2: The Election Wizard

While reading the original study is always best, sometimes you might not have time to do so. For this study, one of the best summaries was provided by “The Election Wizard,” which had an exemplary summary of the facts of the study and what that shows about how our election was influenced by fraudulent behavior.

This source begins by describing the background of the study that shows that there were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states:

“In Georgia, Lott looked at Fulton County and four neighboring counties. His idea was to compare Trump’s share of absentee ballots in precincts adjacent to each other on opposite sides of the county border. In other words, comparing a county where fraud is alleged to one where it is not.”

Then, cutting straight to the point, the source describes what Dr. Lott found in his study:

“Dr. Lott found that in 2016, there was essentially no difference between Fulton County and its surrounding sister counties.

But in 2020, Lott’s research showed something quite different. He found that President Trump’s percentage of absentee votes was 7.19 percent lower in Fulton county as compared to precincts just across the street in neighboring counties.

Dr. Lott said he controlled for demographic and in-person voting variables. Yet based on his research, Lott says President Trump’s seemingly inexplicable drop in the share of the absentee ballots in Fulton County adds up to 11,350 votes, or 90 percent of Biden’s vote lead in Georgia.”

After describing the election irregularities in Georgia, the Election Wizard then describes the irregularities that occurred in Pennsylvania:

“Lott found that in Allegheny County, Trump’s share of absentee votes was 3.4 percent lower than in precincts just across the street in neighboring counties Republican counties like Beaver, Bulter, and Washington.

He also closely scrutinized provisional ballots and found that Allegheny County’s provisional ballot rate was 3.2 times higher than in Republican precincts in neighboring counties.

Based on his research, Lott estimated between the two sources, absentee and provisional ballots, there were 55,270 fraudulent votes cast in Allegheny alone.”

Finally, the source describes how, when viewed in conjunction with other problematic voting practices, namely highly irregular turnout, all of those fraudulent votes add up to 289,000 fraudulent votes in battleground states that Biden barely won. In other words, there were 289,000 fraudulent votes cast in battleground states and those excess votes comprised the majority of Biden’s lead:

“Dr. Lott estimates that there were 70,000 to 79,000 “excess” votes between Georgia and Pennsylvania. Adding Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin to the mix, Lott estimates the total increases to 289,000 potentially fraudulent (“excess”) ballots cast in the 2020 election.”

Note: Other sources, including the Epoch Times, have examined the same study and reached similar conclusions. I chose to use “The Election Wizard’s” article because of that site’s specific focus on election fraud and how it took place in the 2020 election.

Conclusion: The Evidence is Conclusive, There Were 289,000 Excess Votes in Battleground States

I found both the study and analyses of it to be believable. The already fraudulent election just keeps looking more and more suspicious.

Yes, Biden is about to be inaugurated and the fight over who won is mostly over. But that doesn’t mean we should just stop investigating one of the most suspicious and fraudulent elections in American history. We need to look into what happened with a critical eye and try to discern the truth.

Otherwise, the same thing will just happen next time. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and it appears, in this case, at least, that the sun is finally shining on the fact that there were 289,000 excess votes in battleground states, enough to flip the election from Trump to Biden, as Biden only “won” by margins of a few thousand votes in some states. That cannot be forgotten! Please share this article so that more Americans learn the truth about the 2020 election!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Just remember that NO court, including SCOTUS would even look at Trump’s evidence of voter fraud. That just shows us that ALL professional politicians are corrupt. Will anything be done? No, I didn’t think so.

  2. Republican-controlled state legislatures in the battleground states must thoroughly examine the ballots and voting machines to resolve the matter one way or another, and to prevent anything like this ever happening again. Patriots in those states must hold those Republicans’ feet to the fire.
    At a minimum, Dominion voting machines should never be used again. Police or the National Guard should supervise voting and ballot counting, and ensure that observers have full rights to observe and record problems with ballot counting.

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