Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Home News Biden Lets in 25,000 Migrants: What Horrors will Follow?

Biden Lets in 25,000 Migrants: What Horrors will Follow?

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Getting to Work to Destroy America: Biden Lets in 25,000 Migrants

Just like with his recent gun control announcement, Biden is deciding to “tackle” the illegal immigration problem early on. Well, “tackle” might not be the right word. Perhaps “bow down to the demands of the non-citizens that voted for him” would be the more correct phrase.

In any case, the Biden Administration has taken the radical step of letting in 25,000 migrants. Here’s what Fox and the Gateway Pundit have to say about that.

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The Gateway Pundit on Biden Letting in 25000 Migrants:

“Joe Biden will allow at least 25,000 migrants seeking asylum forced to wait in Mexico under Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program into the United States while their immigration cases make it through the legal system…

Setting the Covid issue aside, Joe Biden is focused on helping foreigners as Americans suffer from Democrat lockdown orders.

Under Joe Biden, Americans come last…

n addition to allowing tens of thousands of asylum seekers into the US, Biden plans to introduce legislation to Congress that would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the US (more like 20+ million illegals).

The Democrats stole the executive branch and legislative branch with a massive voter fraud operation and they will use their power to permanently entrench their party.

Joe Biden also ordered ICE agents to release all illegal aliens in custody, including criminal aliens.

“Release them all, immediately,” the ICE agent wrote. “No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

Read the full article here

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What Fox Has to Say about Biden Letting in 25000 Migrants:

“Republicans are criticizing the Biden administration’s move to begin admitting 25,000 migrants held in Mexico as part of a Trump-era policy that was a key plank in the former administration’s efforts to end “catch-and-release.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday it would begin to process migrants placed in the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) next week. MPP, known as “Remain in Mexico” was a policy implemented and expanded in 2019 that kept migrants in Mexico as they awaited their immigration hearing.

The Biden administration estimates that around 25,000 individuals enrolled in the protocols still have active cases. 

MPP was a central part of a broad strategy by the Trump administration to end “catch-and-release,” by which migrants claiming asylum were detained and then released into the interior of the U.S. 

The Trump administration said it was an effective way of reducing a key pull factor that brought migrants to the border, but critics including President Biden described the policy as cruel and one that put migrants in danger by keeping them in Mexico.”

Read the full article here

Conclusion: Be Worried, More Will Follow

As hinted at in the Gateway Pundit, this recent Biden Administration action is in line with its recent order to “release them all immediately,” which released the locked up illegal immigrants. And letting in tens of thousands of non-citizens seems like about as wise of a policy.

This is a horrible idea. Border security is national security and there are armed invaders at the border. America needs to be protecting its border from the likes of Herbert Nixon Flores, “a 46-year-old illegal alien MS-13 gang member from El Salvador, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Irving, Texas, after he appeared to murder his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Karen Ruiz, in front of her three-year-old daughter outside of her babysitter’s home.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Biden cares more about virtue signaling than about defending America from foreign threats.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Image screengrab from: Fox

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