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24 Ways to Start Going Galt

Note: This article originally appeared as a comment on this recent article. I have republished it in a slightly edited version because the commenter made some excellent points.

Want to REALLY go Galt and not play games? Now that Google, Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the DNC/CCP have openly declared war, here’s a REAL list of things you can do NOW for FREE that will make a difference.

1. Cancel cable, Direct TV and Dish. Today. Keep the internet. Save $800+/- per year. Hit them in the pocketbook. Do not support them with your money. Dump You Tube and use Rumble, Daily Motion or Vimeo.
2. Cancel and delete your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Amazon Prime. Go anonymous. Since Playstore and Amazon banned Parler, we can use Gab or Clouthub (you can also use Parler on a computer, or a phone with Parler already downloaded). Communication is key. Stay connected but not through the Big Tech censors.
3. Delete/disable Chrome and Google. Use Tor or Brave as browsers and Duck Duck Go or Presearch instead of GOOG. Google makes their money on ads, SRO payments and selling your data. Shut it down.
4. Cancel all your paid magazine and newspaper subscriptions (paper and digital) except those that support America and are Conservative. When you cancel, tell them why.
5. Delete Waze (owned by Google) and Google Maps. Replace with Sygic or other GPS apps.
6. Delete What’s App (Facebook ) and replace with Telegram (another user suggested using Signal rather than Telegram). It’s a much better app.
7. Unsubscribe from all the junk emails you get, it saves time and helps you focus.
8. Cancel and cut up all your extra credit cards. Keep a maximum of 3 if practical. It hurts the banks when this happens, even if the card is free and infrequently used. If you pay a fee to the bank for the card, it hurts them even more.
9. Create an anonymous email account on Migrate from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and then delete or deactivate the other account if possible.
10. Pay cash when you shop when possible so your purchases are anonymous.
11. Buy locally from Mom and Pop stores and absolutely pay in cash; they’ve been devastated.
12. Google yourself and scrub your data. Search yourself on Duck Duck Go and Start Page, too. Start with MyLife, White Pages, and Spokeo. They aggregate and sell YOUR PERSONAL DATA. SHUT IT DOWN! It takes effort but you can do it (usually there is a privacy link on the bottom of the webpage). They make it difficult but persevere. This also helps prevent identity theft.
13. Keep your 24/7/365 spy device (i.e Smartphone) in a Faraday bag when not in use.
14. Don’t buy anything made in China. China is not our friend.
15. Change party affiliation to Independent or No Party Affiliation (everyone should do this). If you want to vote in party primary, change your affiliation before the primary so you can vote.
16. Get involved in LOCAL politics where you can still make an impact. Write, email and call about LOCAL issues.
17. Seek out like-minded people as a support group (NOT as an echo chamber)
18. Join a gun club and learn to shoot for self-defense. Get your CCP.
19. Go to Church. Interact with other believers. Restore your Faith.
20. Stay focused and positive. Do not be demoralized. Trust in God.
21. Support the My Pillow Guy “Use code MIKE for big savings”
22. Get your kids out of public schools. Homeschool with YOUR value system.

23. Stop donating to colleges and universities, especially “Woke” schools with Social Justice and Womyn’s Studies Majors.

24. Send regular mail to your “representatives” in DC. Email and phone mail gets ignored. Nothing terrifies the political class more than 25,000 letters arriving weekly in their DC office telling them they’re getting fired.

It’s on. Stop supporting tyranny. Starve the Beast.

By: A Concerned Citizen. Follow Gen Z on on Parler and Gab

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