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WINNING FORMULA? 19 Year Old Wins School Board Seat in NJ by Running Against CRT

While Youngkin’s shocking victory in the Old Dominion was all the rage last week, it wasn’t the only victory of note, nor was it the only victory that should inform what platform GOP candidates run on in 2022 and 2024. One other such victory of importance was 19-year-old Nicholas Seppy’s victory in a school board race in New Jersey. Here’s what Just the News had to say about that electoral victory:

The experience of going through abrupt virtual education and watching the school board dismiss the concerns of parents over the next year helped convince Seppy to run for the board — twice.

He won the second time, defeating the incumbent by a nearly 3 to 2 ratio in the school board election last week, and will now balance his new duties with his political science studies at nearby Stockton University.

The 19-year-old sophomore told Just the News Thursday he credited the ability to talk to voters in person — something drastically limited during his first run at the height of the pandemic — for his victory.

Besides being able to talk to voters, what led to Mr. Seppy’s victory, one that came with a large margin despite his youth? Well, like Youngkin, Seppy ran against Critical Race Theory and its infection of the American school system. Here’s what Just the News reported on that:

Regarding critical race theory, Superintendent Kim Gruccio told a school board meeting this summer that the concept isn’t taught in the district. 

Seppy quibbled with that, telling Just the News the district uses a “lite edition” that he believes needs “alteration.” For example, he would keep out the 1619 Project curriculum but accept “something akin to it” on the ills of slavery, as long as the teaching is “objective.”  

While his attack on the 1619 Project might not be as forceful as some might like, it is a step in the right direction and shows that it’s possible to win by running against CRT. Furthermore, it shows that schools just change the name of what they’re teaching so that it’s called something other than CRT, making vigilance of the sort Mr. Seppy will hopefully provide all the more important.

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Christopher Rufo, in an interview with Fox News, highlighted that very fact, ripping “deliberate” media lies that Critical Race Theory is not taught in schools across America.

CRT isn’t the only issue Mr. Seppy ran on. He also blasted the school closures, attacked the mask and vaccination mandates, and highlighted the need to expand both civics educations and vocational training. As the College Fix put it:

In a statement Wednesday to The College Fix, Seppy lambasted the shutdowns as “awful” and said that he was motivated to run for a seat on the school board “out of a desire to serve in [his] community” and to “give parents a voice in the district.”

When asked about his priorities after he takes office, Seppy expressed a desire to expand civics education and increase vocational training opportunities for the township’s students.

[…]His victory comes amid broad gains nationwide for candidates who ran on platforms opposed to continued mandates and shutdowns.

Such a platform is just what Republicans need to run on to keep the red wave going. Parents and students are tired of sanctimonious, CRT-loving school board members and endless school shutdowns, not to mention invasive vaccine and mask mandates. By running against those things and for such positive programs as vocational training and more civics classes, the GOP can keep winning in the coming electoral contests.

Whether older, Conservative, Inc. Republicans will have the strength to do so remains to be seen, however, as Meghan McCain’s recent tweet about Trump and Virginia showed.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.