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1776 vs 2019

1776 vs 2019:

1776 vs 2019

My Take on the Spirit of America in 1776 vs 2019

When looking at 1776 vs 2019, it is readily apparent that Americans are wimps now. Many Americans are not only okay with surrendering their weapons, they actually want the government to confiscate them! That is insane. In my American Revolution timeline, I mention the heroic battles at Lexington and Concord. Those battles were fought because brave American patriots refused to surrender their weapons peacefully. Don’t surrender your weapons!

Not only are weapons like AR-15s protected by the 2nd Amendment, but also the patriots at Lexington and Concord didn’t give up theirs, as you can read about in both Without Precedent and Washington’s Crossing. Even when a superpower threatened them, American patriots fought to preserve their natural rights. Live up to that tradition

Similarly, Americans in 1776 were revolting in part because of high taxes. Americans today are remarkably and terrifyingly docile when it comes to paying higher taxes and it takes a maverick like Trump to get taxes cut rather than a unanimous outcry against tyrannical taxation.

One example is the death tax; other than Americans for Tax Reform, few Americans really care about a tax that strips wealth away from their mourning wives and children at horrendously high rates. Another example is the tax needed to pay for the Green New Deal and Medicare for all, or as I like to call it, AOC’s tax for socialism. That tax would be astronomically high and most of us would get nothing from it. All that would happen is that our wealth would be stripped away.

Past Americans would have revolted at this point. Yes, President Trump has done a great job lowering tax rates. It is one of the many things that he has accomplished since the 2016 election. But taxes are still too high and are draining money from the productive private sector and into the gaping pit of wastefulness that is the federal government. Gun control is still unconstitutional and needs to be fought against; any attempts at controlling what firearms private citizens can own are in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment. We need to start working to restore our rights as Americans.

America is a constitutional republic. Not a democracy. That is a fact, even if the left would like to ignore it. That means, as our Founding Fathers, the great men that began the world anew in 1776, knew, laws that restrict the rights of any segment of the law-abiding populace cannot be put into place simply because the majority now wants that law.

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If the lefties want gun control, they’ll have to bring about an amendment that allows them to control what firearms we can own. If they want to enact confiscatory tax rates, they’ll have to find a constitutional way to do so (Although, that point is somewhat nebulous because of the income tax amendment enacted by Woodrow Wilson. I do think, however, that the Constitution still prohibits an outright wealth tax of the sort that many democrats desire). What’s the difference in 1776 vs 2019? That that fact used to be obvious to Americans, whereas now it seems to have been forgotten.

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In any case, whatever the situation and the item that is being confiscated or regulated, laws cannot be put on the books that restrict our rights simply because one majority wants to. A major difference with 1776 vs 2019 is that all Americans used to understand that because we are a constitutional republic rather than a democracy, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and cannot be changed by a simple majority. That is one of the checks on government power that the prescient Founding Fathers built into our system.

But now, the idea of a sacred and more or less immutable (other than by amendment) Constitution is under attack. One party, the Democratic Party, is doing everything it can to circumvent the Constitution.

Want to know the real difference when comparing 1776 vs 2019? Its that, when looking at the political persuasions and activity of the American population in 1776 vs 2019, the Americans of 1776 stood up for their rights and were willing to fight for them. Now, we are witnessing one party launch direct and sustained attacks on the Constitution while the other major political party barely bats an eye.

Republicans need to defend the Constitution and defend the fact that we are a constitutional republic. The left cannot restrict our firearm rights or confiscate our wealth simply because it wants to do so; that is unconstitutional and is, therefore, forbidden. But it will only be treated as forbidden if Republicans look at 1776 vs 2019 and start standing up for their rights whenever and wherever necessary.


When comparing Americans of 1776 vs 2019, it is shocking how docile and supportive of big government Americans have become. Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists hated big government. Skepticism of government, taxes, and gun control used to be baked into the minds of every true American. That needs to be brought back and we need to get back to resisting ridiculous taxes.

But not only do we need to resist the taxes that are too high. We also need to resist the tyrannical, Big Government response to Coronavirus created by petty tyrants that want to put all of us in a gulag archipelago of sorts and are using the virus response to do so!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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