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12 Woke Companies to Avoid


I’ve recently become a proponent of boycotting companies that act against American interests, as you probably know if you’ve read my boycott Big Tech or boycott leftist companies articles. I expressed a similar viewpoint in my article on what companies donated to BLM.

However, I don’t think that’s quite enough. Boycotting Big Tech is a good start, but not enough. Boycotting leftist companies is an excellent goal, but almost impossible to do because of how pervasive leftism is in the technology field and the C-suite of most companies. When I recognized that, I decided to write this article on the top woke companies to avoid.

The goal is not to boycott every single company that expresses leftist viewpoints. Perhaps we will one day be able to do that, but for now, it is impossible. Additionally, there are some companies, like Microsoft, that are obviously slanted to the left, but not open enemies of freedom. For example, Bing, a Microsoft search engine, partners with DuckDuckGo; for that reason, and others, Microsoft should not be treated the same as Google.

So, this list of 12 woke companies to avoid is designed to be possible, as I offer sound alternative products/services for each company, and also strike at the worst offenders, rather than just leftist companies generally. I hope you find it helpful!

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The List of Woke Companies to Avoid

1. Twitter

Twitter is, I think, the worst offender on this list of woke companies to avoid. It has been censoring conservatives for years now. First, there were shadowbans. Then there were messages about the “context” and veracity of certain posts. And now we’re in the end-stage: Twitter booting patriots like Trump and Mike Flynn off of its platform for daring to express a conservative worldview.

At the same time, Twitter protects anti-Americans. It allows the Iranian government to spew anti-Semitic hatred, leftists to call for Trump’s death and attacks on Trump supporters, and BLM to organize violent riots on its platform. Twitter isn’t interested in shielding its users from “online harm,” whatever that is, but instead is just cracking down on conservatism.

Conservatives need to boycott and avoid Twitter. Even if it means reducing our reach and ability to share ideas, we need to ensure that we are not supporting Twitter until it reverses it’s anti-free speech policies.

What sites should you use instead? Parler and Gab. Gab is currently online and Parler will be back soon. Those platforms allow for anyone, right or left, to share their views and converse about whatever they want. You might still be attacked for what you say, people will always try to prove you wrong, but you’ll be allowed to speak freely. Twitter is absolutely one of the woke companies to avoid. Boycott it and switch to Gab and/or Parler instead.

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2. Facebook

Facebook used to be a pro-free speech platform. Zuckerberg, whatever his many obvious faults, at least tried to defend free speech and allow his users to share their opinions on it. Then, the usual happened. Facebook was taken over by leftists and immediately became a woke company, earning it its place on this list of woke companies to avoid.

First, Facebook started to “fact check” posts and limit the distribution of ones that its biased fact-checkers deemed “false.” As is now the norm, those posts were almost always ones that expressed conservative viewpoints. Then, following Twitter’s lead, Facebook kicked Trump off its platform. Never mind that leftists had planned, and still do plan, violent riots on its platform. Zuck and his team deemed the orange man bad and decided to attack free speech.

Facebook is undeniably more useful than Twitter, which makes it slightly harder to avoid. But we still must do so. Yes, it’s helpful that it gives you reminders when your friends are having birthdays and is a good way to keep up with acquaintances. But it is a one of the woke companies to avoid, so avoid it we must.

An alternative is MeWe. It’s not perfect, yet. But it is a good alternative and is the most like Facebook. Or, even better, you could just avoid social media entirely. It’s a huge time sink and whatever time you spend on it would be better spent having real interactions or reading and learning.

3. Bank of America

I used to like Bank of America. I thought it was a solid company that had been unfairly treated. Then it went woke and made itself yet another one of the woke companies to avoid.

First, Bank of America decided to stop lending to border detention facilities. Using its financial might, it tried to eradicate border security.

Then, in an even worse and more un-American move, it donated a gargantuan sum to BLM, the Marxist organization that set our cities alight. That was also reprehensible.

Next, after Hawley tried to stop the illegitimate election of Joe Biden, BoA announced that it would take that into consideration, a shadowy statement that indicated it would stop giving to conservatives. It’s free to do what it wants, but conservatives should not donate to such a far-left company.

Finally, a cherry on top is that Bank of America has donated to Planned Parenthood. It will donate to that racist eugenics organization, but not pro-American politicians.

Keep that in mind when deciding where to park your money. There are banks that are not woke. Renasant is my favorite, but there are others. Just look them up and find one that won’t punish you for loving America.

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4. JP Morgan Chase

Another bank, another one of the woke companies to avoid. Chase Bank, a part of JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in America, has decided that it will no longer provide its services to conservatives and deplatformed them from the banking system. Its list of people it kicked out includes Martina Markova (conservative commentator), Enrique Tarrio (head of the Proud Boys), Joe Biggs (Iraq war veteran and conservative reporter), and Laura Loomer.

You might disagree with the views of some of those people. I often do. But it is terrifying that they can be cut out of the financial system for saying things that are legal to say. That is un-American and should frighten conservatives. We cannot do business with companies like Chase Bank that want to destroy us.

As with Bank of America, there are non-woke banks that you should use instead. I recommend M1 Finance or Renasant.

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5. Netflix

This is one of the most disgusting companies on this list of woke companies to avoid. Netflix, like most of the others, used to be an excellent company that provided a terrific product. In fact, it largely still does.

But then it went woke and decided to normalize pedophilia by releasing the movie Cuties, which was basically soft-core child pornography and was an attempt to glorify the sexualization of children. If you hate child porn, you should cancel your Netflix subscription.

Luckily, there are other companies that provide similar services. Rumble has plenty of good, entertaining videos on it; even better, most of them come from a conservative perspective. Hulu might be to the left, but it’s not as bad as Netflix. The Daily Wire is releasing movies now. Amazon lets you stream movies and TV shows (I think conservatives should boycott AWS, not all of Amazon).

6. Google

Yes, yet another one of the FAANG stocks is on this list of woke companies to avoid. I know I already wrote about them in my article on boycotting Big Tech, but the point needs to be driven home: conservatives must, with clear eyes, look at what these woke companies have done and avoid them.

Google is another horrible offender. It kicked Parler off the Google Play store. It has threatened conservative sites with demonetization. Its search results shift election results to the left. YouTube routinely demonetizes pro-conservative and pro-2nd Amendment channels. Google is a terrible, anti-American company. Conservatives must boycott it.

The best search engine alternative is DuckDuckGo, which is a search engine that doesn’t spy on you. For email, use Outlook or Rackspace. For watching videos, use Rumble.

7. Disney

Disney used to be a wonderful company that was undeniably pro-American. Disney’s videos about space with Werner von Braun got people excited about the space program and its movies and theme parks spread American culture around the world.

Now, Disney is a mouthpiece of the CCP. It filmed Mulan in Xinjiang, the region of China where the concentration camps are. It removes or minimizes African-American actors on its posters so as to appease the racist Chinese market.

Like with Netflix, just use other services. If you want your kids to watch Disney movies, then buy a used DVD so that Disney doesn’t get any of your money. Disney is appeasing the Red Chinese, so it is absolutely one of the woke companies to avoid.

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8. The NBA

The NBA is yet another one of the woke companies to avoid doing business with. Its sins have bene quite public and noticeable, so I’ll be brief. It supported the BLM riots, but worked to silence people calling attention to the Hong Kong protests. It allowed Chinese instructors at NBA camps to abuse children. It employs people that hate America and everything about our system.

Conservatives should not watch the pro-BLM NBA. Watch golf, play basketball, or do something else with your recreation time.

9. Apple

Apple is another pro-China, anti-American company that has certainly earned its spot on this list of woke companies to avoid. It kicked Parler off of the App store, striking a blow against free speech. It refused to help the FBI crack into the phones of terrorists who killed Americans. Its Chinese factories are hellholes that have to have nets around them so that the workers can’t kill themselves.

Apple is undeniably one of the woke companies to avoid. So, just do so. Buy a non-Apple laptop. Use a Samsung phone. Use different earbuds. Use Spotify rather than Apple music. Boycott Apple.

10. The NFL

This one might be the hardest, other than Google, for conservatives to avoid. Conservatives tend to like football and watch whatever games are on. But the NFL is another one of the woke companies to avoid giving your money to. Its support of the BLM and attacks on the National Anthem have been disgusting and must be punished. Avoid it like you avoid the NBA.

Watch college football instead. Or golf. Or the NHL. The NFL is an anti-American organization.

11. Levi Strauss Jeans

This might seem like an odd choice. Levi’s is just an apparel company, why focus on it? Because it makes a product that conservatives buy lots of- jeans. Conservatives, unlike liberals, tend to actually work and spend time outside. That means that jeans are a key piece of the conservative closet. Unfortunately, many of us have bought Levi’s jeans.

Why is that a bad thing? Why is Levi’s on this list of woke companies to avoid? Because it has come out firmly against the 2nd Amendment. The company not only released anti-gun statements, but also has partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, one of America’s worst anti-gun groups.

Don’t buy Levi’s. Buy any other jeans instead, there are plenty of companies that produce them and don’t use the profits to advocate taking your guns.

12. Nike

Nike has been yet another woke company that uses its earnings to attack American values. It employs Colin Kaepernick. It got rid of a Betsy Ross sneaker because it deemed the American flag offensive. Nike is one of the most un-American of the woke companies to avoid. It must be boycotted. Just buy other athletic apparel.

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Those are not all of the woke companies to avoid. There are many, many more. A good practice before buying anything is to research the company you are buying a product from and find out if it is a woke, anti-American company or a company that you are comfortable doing business with.

However, while no list could contain every woke company out there, I think this is a relatively robust list of the companies that conservatives use but should not be using. We don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, so those are irrelevant. We don’t buy from Ben and Jerry’s or shop at small businesses with leftist-sounding names.

But many of us do use, in one form or another, the majority of the companies on this list of woke companies to avoid. We should boycott them. Hitting them in their wallets is one of the best ways to push back and fight the culture war.

By: Gen Z Conservative