Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Bill Maher: The Left’s Refusal To Acknowledge Progress Is A Sickness

https://youtu.be/fB9KVYAdYwg I know that Bill Maher is on the left. But, frankly, at this point I couldn't care. He calls out the left better than...

Of Course Hunter Got Off Scot-Free

For reference, this is the story to which Tim Young is referring: a nice girl had just gotten into Tennessee, her dream school, as...

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Meme: The Unemployment Industry

The leftists in the unemployment industry like to pretend that they're the oppressed ones. That the whole world, from the vast government to the...

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The “Great Reset” Crowd is Wrong. Renting Isn’t Freedom

Matt Walsh, as normal, is spot on. Renting isn't freedom. Ownership is. This used to not be a problem of understanding in any way, shape,...

America’s Under-Incarceration Problem

The simple fact is that America, whatever the libertarians and leftists claim, doesn't have an over-incarceration problem. Far from it, in fact. Rather, we...

Did Wall Street Bets Win? Big Banks Clamp Down on Shorting GME and AMC!

The Ongoing Victories in the GME and AMC Short Squeeze One of the most exciting moments of 2021, so far, at least, was the populist...

A Teacher’s View on The Problems with High School Education

I have started, and stopped, writing this on multiple occasions. I have mostly been concerned about getting doxxed by nutcases like Jim Acosta, terrorists,...

Red State Realtors: Helping You Flee Blue State Tyranny

Thanks to leftist tyranny and bad governance in states like California, New York, and Illinois, many conservatives are fleeing to red states. The conservative...


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