Thursday, May 6, 2021

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The Real Price of Freedom and Liberty

Americans know when something bad is happening, and, if anyone looks hard at this current debacle that has been building for years, it is...

An Open Letter to Hillsdale President Larry Arnn

Note: This open letter to Hillsdale President Ann was sent to me by a reader who also sent the recent article on the Federal...

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Meme of the Day: A Peaceful Protest in Brooklyn Center

If there's one thing I know, it's that peaceful situations require body armor. Hence why this mayor was right to wear a ballistic helmet...

General Thoughts

To Live Without Freedom and Liberty Is a Sort of Death

Editor's Note: This is a fictional story, like "they called themselves free born Americans," but illuminates well the direction that America is heading. Enjoy! America...

All Americans Must Rediscover America

Make your own list of people and places to visit and rediscover America. Rediscover America. It’s not about spending money. It’s about making time and...

A World without Marxism

I sometimes get tired of writing about the evils of creeping Socialism, the constant battle to recognize the subtle and overt racism of Leftists,...

It Is Time To Restore Hollywood, NYC Fashion, And Nashville As Conservative Hotbeds

Hollywood, the fashion industries, and Nashville have many conservatives operating within their ranks. This is obvious. In fact, we are entering a period of...

What Ever Happened With Mom, Dad, And The Kids?

America is built on families and neighborhoods. This is where beliefs and values are learned and tested. What happens when we get push-back? Do...


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